I was on the server with about 7 other people. xDuecez tps to me and kills me. I go back to this place and kill him on the spot. So he starts tp spamming and going to peoples houses, killing their animals and them. I hope something can be done about this nonsense behavior.



First of all you’re wrong. I did tp to you yes this is correct . But later you wondered into the wild and I killed you. There is nothing wrong or against the rules for doing so. (Also I would like to add that if I /tp to you and kill you that is your own fault and is not ban worthy or even something that should be brought up, cause it’s on you to take that chance. If I was to /tpahere you to me and kill you then yes that would be a whole other story). Second the whole thing with the animals was resolved and you shouldn’t be getting involved with something you have no clue about. 



As far as I know, if you accept a tpa request then its at your own risk, and if the other situation has been resolved then there is no point in bringing it up



100% true. I dont like people tping to me unless i know them or im in a safe zone. I would recommend the same also.



There’s no one at fault here. xDueces played by the rules, and it does state that if you accept a /tpa request, you are responsible for whatever you accepted, no matter what. It would only be against the rules if he used a home or whatnot to kill you, which it seems like you did boattruck… So you’re the one who’s more at fault than xDueces!



Used a home, he was just outside of my town killing me, of coarse it was at my home. My town mate had tpa’d him there and he ended up killing me in my mine shaft. I am definitely not at fault here Devore.



It was resolved after I posted this and you know that, so just stop.



a. Double post.

b. I don’t think it wise for you to be telling an admin to stop like that.

c. ESPECIALLY after you griefed a server build for which you have yet to be punished. You can see more about this in a new thread I will be drafting shortly.



Would you like to argue with me on the rules here, boattruck3000? I’ve fought, and won, MANY battles over these LONG before you came along, and I know the rules better than you by a LONG shot…

So, that being said, I’d like to direct you to THE RULES! 

6)  /tp killing is not allowed in any form (/home, /warp. /tp), this is a banable offence. That being said
if you accept a request (tpa) then you will be held responsible for what happens.

By that, xDueces is NOT at fault because he was tpa’d to the town. You ARE at fault according to the first half of rule 6, “/tp killing is not allowed in any form (/home, /warp. /tp), this is a banable offence”. You admitted to using /home to go home and kill xDueces, which, according to the rules, is a ban.

BUT, I’m going to let you off with a warning. No more griefing server builds that aren’t claimed due to a fluke (the bridge beacons which I expect back by Feb 2nd) and no more /home killing or causing any problems or else I’ll have to give you a week free from our server at least. I do not tolerate that kind of insubordinate behavior at all, especially when you’re disrespecting an admin like that, which I’m letting slide. Just so you know, this IS an official warning!



-shrug- I dont even understand why this escalated. I wont insight anything but just try to be a little more understanding. I cant tell you how many times ive honestly regretted myself from even a year ago lol. I get upset easily so i get it.