The wilderness around the server is looking, well, like wilderness. It looks all torn up and ridden with scarred land and sloppy parts of buildings. With 1.8 I was wondering if we could get another survival world or something, but in the mean time I was wondering if there is anything we can do to clean up our current world.






We are considering making another survival world in addition to our current one. When we have more information on it, we will let you know.



Oh snaps! Possibilities arise!

Will we get that new world so many of us (like 2) out of the bunch (like 7) want?! Only time (and admins) will tell! 



This is not confirmed!! There’s too much that we have to do first (plus bukkit isn’t even confirmed for 1.8)



No one said it was confirmed. >_<



I believe devore was just looking out for us as to not get our hopes up incase it doesn’t happen.



Yes, it’s not confirmed. It is ultimately the admin’s decision. We have a lot to consider with this since our server can only handle so much at a time.



Sounds good, I just hope it will be confirmed :smiley:

Edit: I’m not going to make a HL3 joke, even though it pains me to keep it in.



I have no opinion on whether this new map will be made or not, but from past predictions, new worlds introduced never get used and are eventually forgotten about. I built a badass castle on the Donator World, but nobody would ever see it or even visit, so I ported it to our survival world (Yes I understand it was for donators only). I can understand a larger community, but atm I think our best option is to just expand the survival map another 500-1,000 blocks further for new terrain and map generation. Adding new features to our current survival map is sufficient enough rather than starting from scratch again. New players want to see a server with it’s shit together, pardon my french. Yes we have a lot to do and we will never be perfect, but we try our hardest to keep this server/community going, even if it’s just staff and admins. If the community wants it, we will always provide a server, no matter what the expense.



Personally, I think that expanding the map another 1000 blocks would be a great idea. Yes, I know 1000 blocks is a lot, but hey, it’s more room to play.



Will this render 1.7 and 1.8 chunks?



YUP! any new expansions use the current version to render with.



If it renders with the current update’s terrain then it would probably be best to wait for the server to update to 1.8 before there’s an expansion lol (if this even happens of course :-P)



Adding new terrain to the existing map is a good idea. I would also suggest that the mining world is also completely updated. Even adding 500-1000 blocks the new resources will be somewhat scarce long term. Aside from the fact that a whole new world may lack recognition, I would rather see the current map carried out and not abandoned.

Does some clean up need done… surely. Areas like the nether, and the end are just wrecked. Pretty ugly in a lot of spots. Those places should be completely reset imo. Nether portals litter the nether and often going back through the same portal will transport you to another towns portal. I know there is a LOT of map to be looked over, but any abandoned half done ugly builds should be torn down. I would gladly aid in the destruction of these buildings so if at anytime a staff would like help in this area, keep me in mind.

I may edit this post to add thoughts later, I am  kind of pressed for time at the moment.



same ^



We are not going to remove old builds just because they look run down and aren’t used anymore. If it is wilderness, than feel free to remove whatever is there. Our survival map will never get reset, but we may expand on it from time to time. Our mining map resets all the time for new updates for new materials. We don’t reset survival maps due to the hard work put into it by players. The nether will render new chunks with new materials the farther you make your way.



I like what I’m hearing guys. This discussion is beautiful! I agree with expanding the map totally. We’ve done it before, and it was awesome! All the new stuff that we’ve yet to experience in 1.8 is going be amazing if we experience it all together! Hehe, can’t wait to see when the server gets an update! :3

As for the wilderness, I don’t like the ugly abandoned stuff really either, but it IS kind of cool to see back in time! The old stuff are kind of like time capsules. You get to peer into the past and see what people used to do. It is actually really nostalgic if you’ve been here long enough to remember when all the stuff was built. In fact, there’s a dirt castle that I’m keeping in town simply because player “justinfoley” built it at the start of the server. He later went on to join my town and build our water tower. Now that he’s gone forever, it’s kind of nice to have his first and final builds on the server.  



1.8 wont be for a long while though. People are going to have to wait some time to enjoy it on 1337clan, not because we don’t want to update (I for one am really wanting to asap) but because a lot of plugins will break and bukkit wont be up and running for 1.8. We’ll see how things pan out, but don’t expect the server to be updated to 1.8 for quite some time. 

I think that a map expansion would be great to have! But one thing is that it would be most effective in 1.8, so doing one soon would be quite wasteful.

As for the buildings in wilderness: if you don’t like them, you’re more than welcome to take the materials from them. If it’s crappy builds, I personally would be happy to see them go. There is some landscape out there that could do some renovating, but I don’t have the time to go hunting anymore to do some cleanup. I have done something like this before with wilderness builds, but there is a lot from old, abandoned areas that were once towns but were unclaimed and it became too much of a hassle, and with school as it is now, it would be unlikely that I have time to do it now :frowning:

If anyone does destroy old wilderness builds, the resources are all yours. As for chests, ask a staff member first, if it’s a long lost player, usually you’ll get the contents.



OK hold up a sec. I made a post a while ago asking if we could do the very thing on getting chests in the wild from players who haven’t played in months, but NO, it was shot down, please, explain why we are doing this now?