Why was i banned?


Hi, i know i havent been on in a while. my flu turned into pnemonia. I just tried to log on and it said i was banned. Why was i banned? :frowning:



Your brother was using your account to bypass his ban. The rules state that players who circumvent their ban using another account will have whatever alternate account they used banned in addition to their main account. The rules also that you are responsible for the security of your account. Your brother came on from his account “djdevilmonkey” and discovered he was unbanned due to a fluke. He stayed on the server until a staff member rebanned him. He retaliated by using your account, which resulted in your ban.



So can i be unbanned? He did this once. And that was because of Minecraft’s launcher, that i stayed logged in, so he could go onto there and do whatever. Technically he could have gained access to others minecraft accounts, and simply gotten them banned by clicking play and logging into the server, doing nothing harmful and i find that unfair.
I would understand if he started causing chaos and griefed, but to my understanding he just logged on and typed, and that was only temporarily after that one instance of him being unbanned.

A few weeks ago i even changed my password, and talked with Shiift_Aquaaah and made sort of a make-shift password to know it was me playing. He hasn’t gotten on since then, and hopefully wont again.
I ask again, can I be unbanned?



I’ll unban you. Just be extra careful. I suggest just clearing your login info from that computer and playing from another one. After you’re done playing, you can also open the launcher again and log out by pressing that button.

And for the record, he disrespected staff when he came back on. He got kicked and then came back using your account. I honestly don’t know why he bothered using your account at all seeing as it was just a kick.



okay ty
But can you help me? With this new launcher, i hit log out in the bottom left, then it says you have to log in and enter username and password, but at the top theres a dropdown bar saying “existing user” and its always showing my username, and it just lets you click on it to log in. can i get rid of that?



You’re probably logged into another profile. Just go through the profiles and log out of each one. Lag back in with your brother’s account and repeat this with all the profiles