What will you change your name to?

In an attempt to make the forums active again, i create this thread :smiley:

As you all know, you will soon be able to change your Minecraft name, so i ask the people of 1337clan, what are you going to change your names to?

(I will probably not change my name :-P)

I think I’m gonna change mine to devore07

I’m more interested in the new skin structure they’re doing, it’s really cool how they’re setting it up now, and i’ll be doing my own skin because of it. No more white Halo EVA helmet skin for me!

My name will change to Fluffy4evaJR na might change it to Micky0753 since my PSN name will match my minecraft.

That or I leave it as it is

I’m confused on how this whole thing works, are you going to have to pay for it to be changed, is it just in multi-player? What’s the dealio?

It changes your account name i guess, idk :-/ i think it will be free.

And what new skin structure are they doing dev?

It allows you to make the colors on the arms, legs, and torso different on each side, unlike the previous version where it was a mirror image of it.

Oh, that will be cool :smiley:

I’ll be Konig_WolfS3. Just kidding :P 

I’m going to become husky1997.

Actually I’m probably never going to change my name because “ikilledkenny” was like one of the first usernames to get snatched up.

I will probably her ikilledhusky1997