What has everyone been up to these last 6~ years?


Ever since the server was shut down years back I (and probably most people) lost contact with everyone I used to play with.

I’ve been doing the usual gaming, got more into FPS and souls games after a while but kept playing minecraft on a server with Mslaw, Candle, devore and lots of others who would stop by occasionally.

Graduated High School a few years ago and went to post-secondary for Water Utilities operations and just landed a permanent position a month ago and will be moving to a new town soon!

Lots of things have changed since i was a 12 year old little shit bumming around on minecraft, and Im sure there’s a lot that’s changed with all of you as well! Let me hear it.



Hey GhostWraith!

I lost contact with most people as well. It was a shame that i did not keep up the forums. I hope that more people will come back so that we can catch up.

I was kinda moving around between FPSs as well. Mostly Call of Duty.

Congratulations on graduating and on the new position!.

I graduated college around the time the server shut down. My work is mainly software development and architecture.

It is good to hear from you GhostWraith :slight_smile:

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So, my life has had its ups and downs the past few years. After the server shut down i graduated highschool in 2016, and in the summer of 2017 i had a falling out with my family and became homeless. I moved to minnesota and worked for a company called custom products that built cabs, within 6 months i recieved a promotion to being an “unofficial” lead for my line, and also saw the demands for our line increasing, i got to learn the joys of training in and managing 7 people, about half were twice my age. My line was already responsible for about half of the companies sales, and the increase of production was a fun (read stressful) challenge to tackle. This past october i decided the midwest sucks, i survived a tornado and a -40 winter and moved to california.

Within about 3 weeks the California campfire came through and i had to evacuate, the town was burned down and since then ive been back in Washington getting back onto my feet and back to work

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So when the server shut down I was still in the military. I think I had just finished A-school and earned a promotion. I hated the military, so I got out and went to school to get my associate’s degree. I realized that I hated school and eventually picked up an internship at the local school district doing IT. Now I work there permanently and single-handedly manage the Special Education department’s equipment across a total of 19 campuses. I also picked up college online since I could complete it on my own time and earn a bachelor’s degree, rather than the associate’s degree I had initally started school for.

I administrate a private minecraft server with a few friends and primarily hang out with that group. Some of them can be a little abrasive, but there’s two of them I’d like to show the server sometime. Maybe you’ll see them.

Other than that, I’m happy the server is back and I’m glad we’re all together again!

P.S. To those of you who kept pushing for it back when the server was still alive… I finally got that promotion to admin :joy:. I promise I’ll do my best for everyone!



When the server shut down I bounced around to different servers for literal years. I never stayed on one for more than a few months, mainly because they just weren’t as special as 1337. 1337 shutting down kind of broke Minecraft for me, I could never put as much time into it because I didn’t feel that it was worth it honestly.

As for real life stuff, I’ve been killing it in school and have dual-enrolled into college, I’ll be graduating high school with an Associate’s degree in firefighting. I joined a fire department back in 2016 and I plan on being a Firefighter/Paramedic for my career. I’ve put a lot of time into getting the certifications for being a firefighter, and right now I’m on the edge of getting my career firefighting certification. It has its ups and downs, but ultimately I already know it’s going to be the best job ever.

That’s pretty much it with me, I’m glad we can all reconnect here!



Hey everybody,

Recently got back into playing Minecraft out of nowhere and when my friends and I were talking about servers we used to play on, this was the first that came to mind. Definitely remember spending hours at a time on this server and I’m really glad to see everyone enjoyed as much as I did.

So when the server was up back in 2012, I was playing during 7th and 8th grade. Now, I just finished up my second year studying engineering at Penn State. Looking forward to hopefully playing with you guys again soon! (Also my account got hacked so I had to change my MC name so the new one is: Slippy_Willy)