We're Back Part 2


So, were back, its been nearly 4 years since I last had a chance to make this post. So you may be asking yourself some questions such as, is minecraft relevant? Why should I care? Is anyone still here?

And to answer that, no, minecraft probably isnt the powerhouse it was when this server first came up. But we still have the community, and I think that this community was something worth caring about. Now currently the person I think we have to thank most for the revival of this community is Dirtbikes95, he took the initiative of making a discord server and inviting everyone he could think of, and we should thank him for that.

Beyond that, x4n4th is working on doing a server revival, its something in the works so we may have all the same plugins as before, but given how much time has passed some plugins may not be supported. So far the talks have been having a new map for us all to build on, with the old two server maps existing as museums.

To anyone checking the forums and see that they are back online, its good to see you all and hopefully we’ll be gaming together soon.