I am sorry for combat logging, I promise I will never do it again, please unban me, I’ll accept any punishment

lol nice try( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You make me chuckle dirt you really do

Sooo… What’s the verdict on the ban?

Bio, you heard it straight from both admins and all of staff. You know you are permabanned from our server forever even with any alt account.

No, I was told by Fluffy it was to be decided on the next staff meeting, and it’s been awhile and I’ve heard nothing, and we were deciding between a Temp ban and a full ban, not a forever ban

I was called on my cell phone for the meeting while I was out running errands the day before I went on vacation because of your issue. The call was about getting all available staff members together to make a vote to see if you were permanently banned from the server or temp with 5 votes to either making a decision and over half said perm ban. Don’t try to change the words around, you know what you did wrong and it’s come to the point where you’ve become a detriment on the server, more of a nuisance than anyone else. It hasn’t even been a month yet before your OTHER account was completely banned! If I have to be called on my phone because a player is that much of a problem or I have to get ahold of an admin often because of the issues that player is causing, then that player doesn’t deserve to play on this server. It’s a privilege to be on this server, and we have you MORE THAN ENOUGH chances to change, so much so that other players complained that we have been too lenient! So, it’s time that we stop saying “oh, one more chance to prove yourself” and start punishing to the fullest extent when problems occur, especially at the frequency they did with you.

I’m sorry it has to be this way, but we gave you more than enough chances to change and you took those and made all of the staff and admins on here regret it by shoving it in our faces time and time again.

Back to my vacation now

Have fun on your vacation, and don’t worry about ol’ dortybaykes

 Well I’ve already been told by Konig that i’m to be treated as a seperate account, and the rules state that everyone is entitled to one ban appeal, so I’m using it now 

Well, when konig was saying that (i was there), he said that you were a different case given the circumstances of all the things you have done wrong, and all of your bans… that you don’t get an appeal D-:

Edit: and i forgot, there was something also mentioned about your constant trouble making :-/

Fluffy said no appeal on your new account. I was there for that

I hate it when people bump threads asking for the status of their appeal. If someone didn’t respond, then it’s not good news.

Anyways, yes, Fluffy said he would bring this appeal up at the next staff meeting to determine whether or not we re-decide. When we’ve had that staff meeting, we’ll let you know if we choose to unban you. If you don’t hear anything, then don’t worry about it.

We’re more than happy to let you keep your forum account, but please do not bump this appeal anymore.

Alright, this is my final post on this until I’m asked a question, Devore, and I can’t help but feel good because you said I wouldn’t get an appeal and it was automatically decided

I’d like to see if anyone else would agree that dirtbikes95/A_Biohazard29 has always having a difficulty comprehending the term “no.” Would anyone else agree? Now, on to my question: How many times do you have to be told no by a gmod, admin, or rather any staff. It’d be nice if you could just shut up about it. ACTUALLY! Keep going and get yourself a forum ban! I’d look forward to that  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m going to lock this topic if it gets out of hand *glaring at ShiiFT*

It quite actually fits in. Let me know how its out of place, please.

This topic isn’t going to go off topic. Hey guys did you hear about arkham knight?

It doesn’t need any more responses. I’m locking this thread as of now-ish.