Well it was fun...


I joined your server yesterday. I spent a lot of time gathering supplies, building a house, got a friend to join, THEN I learned you had to PAY to place lava or TNT!?! Don’t get me wrong, I understand the griefing worries. However aren’t the towns protected? Is grief protection NOT in place? Honestly this ruined it for me and my friend. He probably wont even come back, and I cant say I’ll be as enthusiastic myself to return. I mean it sucks, I worked hard to get where I already am, and I would hate to waste that time by not returning but this totally ruins it for me. 

Funny thing is I was going to donate, when I thought I was just donating to a server I liked. To donate just to have full game mechanics… sorry that’s too much of a pay to play type deal for me. I am at a disadvantage if I choose NOT to donate? Nope. Sorry. Everything else is awesome. Towns are cool, people are friendly, buildings are awesome… but I cant PAY to play MC after buying the game. I would gladly have donated to help keep the server running, but donating to get game mechanics isn’t donating… its paying.



I wish you didn’t leave because of this. :( 
In reality what you’re talking about is a violation of the new EULA. Either we all get it or no one does. :stuck_out_tongue: Fight with that angle.



After looking into this, I believe you are correct. You cannot charge for game content according to the article I read. Therefore yes, it seems we either ALL get perms to use lava and tnt or nobody does. I know this will likely anger those who have already “donated”, but the way I see it, you should donate if you genuinely like the server, not because it gives you a gameplay advantage. I was set on fire by a person (who will remain anonymous because I like the guy and he did nothing wrong) yet I cannot use lava to set a person on fire, thus putting myself and all other non paying players at a disadvantage. I’m not trying to start any kind of war, I am just for equality. I have left many games that had pay to win type advantages. They ruin the game for those who cannot afford to “donate” whether they would like to or not. 

All that said, if things change to where it is fair for all, I will gladly donate some money to help keep the server running. If it does not change, I promise no money will come from me. Not that you need MY money per say but I do know it costs money to run a server, and I only want to see a server I like prosper. 

I do not point any fingers, hell I wouldn’t even know who to point them at, but to the people who run this server, please take this under consideration. This really is one of the only things I dislike about the server. Yes people will likely do things at times that need to be handled. As is the case with all online communities, whether a community on a game server, or on a forum, or even real life communities, Assholes exist, no amount of game rules will change that.



While I agree with what you said, I do have a question. I’m not asking this to start anything, I just know that you read up on this kind of thing. Do plugins, which modify minecraft, fall under the game content you may not be charged for?

EDIT: I do know that lava and tnt are part of the game XD



I am well aware of the EULA. As of 1.8 the server will not start unless you sign the EULA; In the U.S this is legally binding… sadly because other countries it is not.

We are waiting to see what other communities do. Until now Mojang has been very lenient. 

Mojang updated the EULA so that communities could not take advantage of their players. Donation is only there if you want to contribute financially to the community; by that i mean me paying for the server.

We had a strict no fly rule before the emerald rank. The rank was an experiment that is still active today.



I am no lawyer, and issues like this CAN have areas that tend to get confusing, but from what I understand you can not charge for any game mechanic that gives one user an advantage over another. Pay to win situations. I believe it also said all added game content must be submitted to mojang for approval or something…


The part of your comment that I put in quotes is pretty much exactly how I stand. Donations for things like this can be vital. As I said I know servers cost money to run, I have a server of my own, much smaller player capacity, but still I get the reason for donations. I just think that especially for a pvp situation no game mechanic perks should follow donating right on down to flying. 

As it stands now, I can just be walking through the wilderness between towns, and somebody can swoop down from the sky, drop lava on me whack me with a sword and wreck me. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with… IF I had the same capabilities. Since I do not have that ability I am at a distinct disadvantage, as are all other non donating players. 

I would make a VIP area for people who donate, in this vip area they may receive extra perks that are disabled when not in the vip area. Something like that would give them a perk that does not effect overall gameplay for the rest of the users. 

You do have an awesome server, I quite enjoy it.  I also really look forward to being an active member of the MC community your group has. In my time there I have met some very kind and helpful people who have gone out of their way to ensure that new players get a good start. Across the board this server gets high marks in my score book. Except this one area. Again I just feel it should be fair for every player, especially for pvp. 

Kinda off topic, but no need to make a new topic or comment for this…
My friend decided to stick it out with me for a while to see what happens here, so if he could be made official we would both appreciate it. His name is “Tbones1986”. He would like to be able to set a spawn and get started in the world. So if somebody could help him out here, we would be thankful.

Leave it to the new guy to stir things up. lol



The only counter to flying right now is: when they engage in pvp flying is disabled.

I’m glad you like the server!



Evil you bring up a good point. Dan, could we convince Mike to allow the placing of TNT and lava for everyone? Worst case scenario, if someone abuses it we can just roll it back. Besides, donating doesn’t give you the ability to place lava or TNT in any world other than survival, so we might as well make it so everyone has full access to it.



Glad I could aid in this revolution. 
#LavaTNTforAll hehe



Good luck getting ahold of Mike.



*insert clip of crowd going ‘OOOOOO’*



I will make a decision soon about this. I think it is a good idea to make everyone a little more even. 



Thanks Dan! Are you going to post an announcement about it or are you going to reply to this thread?



I honestly have to agree with 3vil0ne, although I think it’s good against griefers, I think all players should have access to the most basic of items available in minecraft considering they bought the game from Mojang. I don’t think we should have the right to disable certain abilities in servers when we are trying to expand our community. I played with 3vil0ne for a bit today and he is a very down to earth player. This is my stand on the matter.