Tomodachi Life



So I got this new-ish 3DS title called “Tomodachi Life,” otherwise known as “Tomodachi Collection: New Life” in Japan. It’s actually a really fun game, and to all (if any) of you Nintendo 3DS owners out there, I suggest buying it! I really enjoy the game.

Basically it is a simulation game in which you put whatever Miis you want into your Island. You can make new ones, or transfer from the 3DS Mii Maker, or scan QR codes for Miis. Once your Miis are in your island, you aid them in carrying out their daily lives. You help them make new friends, become soul mates, and have families. They do their own thang too, so it’s interesting to see whether or not Heisenberg (from ‘Breaking Bad’) and Master Chief - John 117 (from Halo) become best friends and what not. For me, the game is really interesting.

(Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo getting owned on Wii U within Tomodachi Life)

In-game time is real-time, so playing hardcore 24/7 isn’t really an option. Events and random interactions don’t occur constantly. To me, this is a good thing. It keeps people from playing too long or binging on the game. I can play for 2 hours straight, however. Lol. 

If any of you guys have played the game, comment and let’s talk about it! Otherwise, comment about any interest in the game. 

8/10 sexy dames would play. Much replay value. So Mii. Very 3D. Wow.

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