Third Public Forum

Hey guys, its time for another public forum!!

If you don’t know how this works please consult

Time: 8pm EST (-6)
Date: March 24th 2013

As always let me know if you will be in attendance and ill try to keep the list updated


Morningwood: Xduecez

I might go, but not sure yet considering it’s going to be spring break for me. But if I am not doing anything that night I will go for MorningWood.

Why a Sunday? Why not Saturday?

Also, ImGoingInDry for fort kensig (if he can make it)

Tbone will most likely be our representative from JV, just need to make sure he can go. ill let you know when we have a definitive representative but for now,
JV: TBone_D

As long as we’re not going to run till midnight I should be able to make it

We shouldn’t run that late, unless rob asks his 4 pages of questions…

Ill only ask like 2 pages then :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill represent Divinity’s Reach then!

you are staff

Count me in for Haverton, I may have Quinny19 come too as he is a new town assistant.

I think I get it. If I can make it, I will represent WinterFell

I unfortunately will be at Pax East with SgPyro on Sunday. I vote for Saturday if possible.

I vote for ENGLISH time! 20:00 GMT!

And I vote for MURICAN time, 9:00 PM EST, 8 PM Central. :slight_smile:

I vote that the admins do whatever the heck they please with their forum at the time they find it most convenient…

yeah… thats more the style.

You see that wouldn’t work because A) that makes logical sense and B) that would be best for everyone.

Remember, NOTHING can be easy :smiley:

Due to lack of involvement the Public Forum has been postponed to next Saturday at 10PM EST please come out, this is a chance for you all to have an involvement in our community, however if we have another turnout like this one, i will no longer be hosting these