Texture Packs


Here is going to be a collection of various texture packs that players either use, or have used, or even just know of. I will be adding texture packs posted by players on the server as long as the post includes the following:

  1. texture pack name and current version,
  2. link to texture pack forum or download,
  3. Credit to the author,
  4. Whether it is HD (greater than 16x16), and
  5. screenshots or pictures of the texture pack (optional).

I will make sure to give you credit for the texture pack as the one who posted it, and will delete your post after it is added to the list. Also, I will delete any unnecessary posts that I feel do not belong.

Here is the HD Texture Fix for HD texture packs.

[size=12pt]Regular Textures[/size]

[size=12pt]HD Textures[/size]

Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack [1.2.5 + 12w21a]

  • Author: Misa
  • HD (64x64)

Faithful [1.2.5]

  • Author: Vattic
  • HD (32x32)


I have added a texture pack I just downloaded and have been using for an hour or so. It is completely un believable in how clean it looks and how smooth it runs. It even has random mob textures! I completely recommend this texture pack and you can view it in the original post under HD Texture packs, the name is Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack.



Name of texturepack/version - Vattic / 1.2.5

I really love the default textures, but they are a little too simple/blocky for me so i use the Faithful 32x32 texturepack, its exactly the same as default but a little more detail… Once u use this u cant go back to 16x16 default…




Hey Dax please keep within the rules of the post…



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