[Server Suggestion] (It's Complicated)


Hey! It’s me, Adam. Anyways, last night me and ShiiFT were talking about ways to make the server more popular, then I started talking about creating a little server for me and him to play on so I could make a YouTube series on it. Then I thought, hey, wouldn’t it be cool to give players the ability to create  one  of their worlds within the server? So, let me explain. We can add another server thingy named Make Your Own Server, then, within that world, give players the ability to create their own Vanilla world using multiverse, however, they can only create one. They would also have the ability to whitelist people, to keep out the griefers. If the world is inactive for more than two weeks, then it gets deleted. Simple, right?

I think this is a very good original idea. Although it may take some work, I think it will be worth it.

Also, can we please unban my Dirtbikes95 account? I really want that forum account back.



Sooooo we’d basically be a *free* hosting company for vanilla servers?



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Yes, we would simply give players the ability to create one multiverse world, they would also be allowed to whitelist people as I said earlier, and there would be a maximum of 4-5 players on one persons world

Thanks, Dan!



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What you described is literally a hosting server similar to minecraft realms, only free. If we did this, we’d need a lot of dedicated resources, which would mean that we would also need an upkeep cost. That’s why hosting servers such as what you described aren’t free to use, like how realms is several dollars a month.