Server status


Hey all,

I know that I have been gone for a while, but I will be returning very shortly. I just got internet here at my new place, now all I need is my computer. Now that I’m accounted for, I have noticed that there have not been a ton of players on as of late, and a number of you are expressing concern. Don’t worry about it! The staff here will continue to try to build the community as much as they can. If you want to help, please invite your friends, or write positive things about our server in YouTube comments, other forums you might visit, or on the walls of public bathroom stalls (please don’t violate any other community’s rules by advertising for us)! Remember, the server can only grow if you make it known to others. The more you share the server’s info, the better! Please feel free to respond to this thread with other ideas of how to get the server to grow, or any constructive feedback.




Devore and husky are the only staff that do anything. (Now I know you’re busy) but let’s be real. Devore has school and husky has a job. They can’t be on all the time. You guys need more staff member.




Is this job being in, say, a band? With other men?



Konig is still here, he’s just busy with things, too. And yes, we do need more staff members, but with the small number of people who are on, the server is fine for now. If we grow, we’ll start opening up more staff positions.

And Husky finally got a job?! Doing what?