Server rules (2019)

By connecting to the Minecraft server, you hereby fully consent to and agree to abide by the rules.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in removal from the server in the form of banishment or any other punitive actions as determined necessary to the server administration team (including and hereafter including moderators).
Users playing on the server prior to the publishing of the rules contained within this post give their retroactive consent and agreement with this set of rules.
All rules are to be interpreted and enforced by the server administration team. Stalemates between figures of server authority will be dealt with privately.
The following will be the server rules and are subject to change at any time without notice.

1. The use of prejudice or otherwise offensive language and/or acts are forbidden.

Anything commonly considered to be rude or offensive is not permitted on the server. This includes (but is not limited to): offensive builds, offensive language, offensive acts, and any offensive gestures capable of being done in-game.

Best way to avoid breaking this rule: Be considerate of others.

2. Disruptive acts and griefing are forbidden.

Anything that is done with the intention to put other players at a disadvantage or creates frustration among one or more players and the acting party is forbidden on the server. This rule intentionally left broad to allow for the administration team to act using their best judgement.

Best way to avoid breaking this rule: If you’re unsure whether or not you should be doing it, don’t do it.

3. The use of cheats, exploits, hacks, or anything used to put yourself at an unfair advantage is forbidden.

Griefing clients, X-ray tools and texture packs, and any other tools/mods that used for the intention of exploiting, cheating, or griefing are not permitted on the server. Additionally, any and all external software, tools, or devices used for the same purpose as outlined in this rule are forbidden. Mini-maps and other client-side mods are permitted, provided they do not violate any other rules listed in this list.

Best way to avoid breaking this rule: Use your best judgement. Ask a moderator or admin if you’re unsure. You’ll never be in trouble for asking.

4. You are required to cooperate with the administration team in order for them to carry out their duties.

If you are found in violation of server rules or your assistance is requested during a rule violation investigation, you are required to cooperate with the server administration team as they deem necessary. Your assistance is not required for testing any new plugins or anything technical, however it is appreciated if you choose to volunteer.

Best way to avoid breaking this rule: Be honest with the administration team. Help them figure out the truth to the best of your ability.

Addendum: If you have a friend that you know is guilty of breaking rules, withholding that information is a violation of this rule. Explain to the administration team that the person who broke a rule is your friend and we will try to find a solution to keep them around. We will work to find a solution that doesn’t inadvertently punish you if one such solution exists.

5. Members of the administration team have the final say and are permitted to take any action they deem necessary for any reason, including reasons not listed in the rules.

The administration team is hereby given the authority to enforce these rules as they see fit, as well as take any actions they deem necessary to protect the server and its community. The administration team was hand-selected based on their critical thinking, judgement, and decision-making abilities. A great amount of trust and responsibility is given to members of the server administration team. Trust them, and they will trust you. In the event someone is causing an issue by circumventing rules or abusing anything in a way that is not expressly covered by the rules, members of the administration team are granted full authority to deal with the situation in whatever way they deem necessary.

Best way to avoid breaking this rule: Don’t break other rules, or do something that you’d get in trouble for anywhere else.

Lastly, if you have any questions regarding these rules you may contact me via Discord (SharktoothActual#9001) or send me a private message through these forums. If I get enough questions I will add an FAQ to this post.