Server down?

Is the server down for anyone else? i just lost connection from the server, then tried reconnecting over and over, and it just says “Logging In,” then gives me an error after like 1 minute.

What scares me is that on the website it still says im logged into the server D-:

BTW, after like a minute of it sitting at “Logging in…” it says this: “internal exception io.netty.handler.timeout.readtimeoutexception”

Edit: now im getting absolutely no connection from the server, it only stays at “Connecting to server…” instead of going to “Logging In…”

I can’t connect either.

ok :-/

I wonder if it kicked anyone else out, because i kept refreshing the main website over a span of like 10min and saw new people connecting, and some disconnecting

It’s a proxy issue. The admins are trying to figure out why it’s suddenly doing this. If you wait for about 5 or 10 minutes the server will be back up again (and it is at the time of this writing).