server announcement about 1.5 tell your friends

As usual, when The 1.5 version of Minecraft is released, do not update. You will not be able to come on the server right away if you update immediately. Wait until we inform you that we have updated the server on this post. 1337 uses a lot of finicky plugins that will break with dev builds of bukket. I would like to let you know that the second there is a recommended build that we can get running smoothly on our dev server it will be up on the main.

As some are aware, the Minecraft 1.5 Version (The Redstone Update) includes new nether blocks (quartz!!). In order to incorporate these new blocks into our nether, we will have to delete the old one, and generate a new one. If you are someone who has built in the nether, we highly advise to move your items from there as soon as possible to the overworld, and yes we will also be moving the nether arena to the new nether.

thank you for your time and patience


When is 1.5 expected to arrive to minecraft?


according to the minecraft wiki it this month, but since most of Mojangs updates come out near holidays I’d guess it will come out someone around Valentines Day. Either way it’s going to be soon

Who needs Valentine when you can buy yourself a card and chocolates and be surprised!! :smiley:

i heard in about a week or 2

That certainly leans towards Feb 14th then.

ooo valentines day :stuck_out_tongue:

I am bumping this thread for current relevance, 1.5 is now out, and you should not update if you would like to log in to 1337clan’s server. If you want to know when the server is updating check this site for the green button to say 1.5. Secondly, if you have already upgraded and want to play let me know and we will launch a vanilla dev server for your entertainment. Thirdly, if you have already upgraded and want to get into the normal server again I suggest using the minecraft version changer

to downgrade your client

Just reminding everyone that we still do not have even a beta version of craftbukkit for 1.5 to go off of, so please bear with us, as soon as 1.5.1 is available in a craftbukkit that starts with our server’s ridiculous amount of plugins it will be pushed.

Damn, I tried to play today and I see the server is running 1.5.1. Guess I will be playing without any mods for awhile again lol.

There are a couple of working mods out there such as rei’s minimap, forge mod loader and optifine, but inv tweaks doesn’t work :frowning:

Those monkeys slapping keyboards over at craftbukkit better hurry up, it seems like everyone is upgrading and waiting for the server to update.

And here it is in plain english (never hurts to reiterate): The server won’t work with 1.5.1 until craftbukkit supports it.

I got the minimap and optifine running, but I can’t seem to get modloader to run. It crashes my MC on startup.