Report Server Bugs Here


Use this board to report issues with the server. Example would be a command that you should be able use but are unable to.

example format -

Title: Doing something breaks the server.

To Reproduce:

  1. Smash some trees
  2. Get some wood
  3. Make sticks
  4. Crash


Issue: Cannot sheer leaves from trees

To Reproduce:

  1. Sheer leaves
  2. Leaves don’t drop and reappear in original location


That May, or may not be lag. Sometimes, when I break any blocks, it doesn’t drop the item, and the block reappears, This is due to lag.



Promotion/demotion commands do not work in the creative server




Players are using McMMO and Towny against each other to re-create apples from leaves.  I’m not sure what else this might be used for because I haven’t tested it but I am positive that apples are being gained.

McMMO allows for the player to create specific items from things based on their level, while Towny keeps them from destroying things that are not rightfully theirs.  Thus they break trees in other peoples towns to their hearts content providing them with an endless supply of food.



[quote name=“chris158” post=“2883” timestamp=“1342846165”]
That May, or may not be lag. Sometimes, when I break any blocks, it doesn’t drop the item, and the block reappears, This is due to lag.
[/quote]Chris, this is for posting problems only.



Tree Feller produces an internal error when used in 1.3.1 and kicks you from the server immediately.



When i am mining and i use super breaker i can see ores once and a while and i see caves like i was using xray (NOT USING XRAY) im not sure if its due to lag or something



Title: Internal Server Error

reproduce (not sure if server problem or comp problem)

  1. log into minecraft
  2. log into server
  3. recieve error message “Internal Server Error” and kicked


When t_bone used tree feller the server crashed, i logged on and ALL of my items that i had in my inventory are gone



/fly is a bit fussy if you turn it off. From ONE block high, after disabling it, you will fall to your death.

To reproduce:
1: set fly on and hover around.
2: hover about one block off the ground.
3: disable fly through the command /fly while still hovering.

(Kymera, thezerbler and I were able to recreate this event and would like to show you. I believe you owe me ten diamonds now lol.)



McMmo mining/excavation has quite a bad bug. Found it on youtube by accident. You get mcmmo exp and some times more drops.

To reproduce:
1: place ore/block.
2: place piston in position so that it will move the block in some way.
3: place lever/redstone torch.
4: break block.

Just to be clear, i have only done this 2 times, just to see if it worked. I told thezerbler about it and he said i should post it here.

This is worse/as bad as the other dupe bug :/.



Maybe this should have been in a personal message to an admin rather than publicly where anyone can see it



This is a known issue daemons and I have banned a few members for using it in the past. It’s against the rules even if people know how to use it.



Sorry to revive but I have found something… I’ve been experimenting so I can report my results to Staff so they may can fix it but I found a way to bypass the lock on someones deathchest so Staff next time your on I’ll show you the bug I found