Recap of the last week or so.


          So I have some exciting news. Recently (in the last week or so) the admins have become active once again, and have made some huge leaps and bounds that seem very promising for our community. I’m so delighted to announce that the server has been completely updated and a 1.8 mining seed has been put into effect. There has been some talk of some new plugins being implemented in the near future, which sound amazing. As well as the server being updated, our community has slowly, but surely been coming back to life. Its such a wonderful sight to see the server coming together once again, and couldn’t be more happy with the progress that has been taking place. Now, we need to keep up this pace, and not let what has happened in the past happen once more. 

                                                                                                                                         With Great Pleasure, ShiiFT.






We need a shift in the way our server works. The server is bloated, hard to use, and hard for new players to get accustomed to. We are working to write a plugin that will allow more seamless integration with minecraft; Learning a thousands commands is down right annoying. New players should not have to work hard to find a place to build. They should not have a hard time claiming their home as well.



I feel you. It is funny though how people are. Not gloating or rubbing in noses but i always like having more things to do, learning newer things. It is the best for the server of course. I mean if i just started minecraft say a week ago and stumble upon a server i wouldnt know much most likely.