Public Service Announcement


As many of you I’m sure are aware Taylor (Kymera_Effect) is no longer a part of the server. I would like to make it perfectly clear that the reasoning behind this abrupt swing was because of an organization that he joined that refers to themselves as a “Church.” Due to the joining of this “church” he had moved far away from home and cut off all ties with his former friends and family. Now, I say had because this has recently changed, and subsequently why I am bringing this to your attention. Taylor has recently taken it upon himself to spread his views to people on Skype, and on Facebook and to try and recruit people for this “Church.” It is the wishes of the other Administrators that you refrain from contacting Taylor in any way that is to say, if you have him on Skype, block him, if you have him on Facebook, please unfriend him. It is imperative that you be informed that the group of people the he has associated himself with has been known for targeting young individuals and trying to pull them out of their family units and allegedly brainwashing them.

If anything were to happen to any of you I could not live with myself knowing that I could have warned you not to listen. Please know that nothing you have to say will change Taylors mind or views, it will only cause you more harm than good to contact him.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns about anything I have stated or Taylor has contacted you in any way please get in touch with my via Skype (mike90521.)  

In summary, if you have Taylor (Kymera_Effect) added on either Skype or Facebook, please block him and above all else refrain from contacting him. This is truly a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.