Possibly the best free FPS game I’ve ever played, Planetside 2 is highly addictive. If you have a powerful gaming rig this game is perfect for it.  For me, my pc gets about 20 frames off of a i7 3770k and a gtx graphirc card in heavy fighting. If you don’t have at least and i-7 and 8gigs ram  i’m not sure you can play, but if so, check it out. If you’re not sure check out the planetside 2 wiki



Seeing as username412 enjoys bumping old threads, and I liked my thread being on the front of the Other Games section, ithink  i’ll reply to myself. I’ve helped create a 170+ man outfit, the 3rd Armored Division, on Planetside2 Soltech server (U.S. East), as Vanu Sovereignty. The game has been re-optimized to be more GPU friendly, so having a computer with low everything (CPU, RAM, and graphics cards) can now more easily play the game. Me and icewolf568, along with other staff member (FOX6740) play the game frequently, and it’s a fun, very intense MMO FPS. Hope to see some of you play, and to echo the words of Sony Online Entertainment, “WTF are you waiting for?”



I’d play with you guys but I’m on a different server