Outerra Anteworld


So this game is really just a tech demo of the “Outerra” engine. It has decent graphics and is a relatively small install, but the most significant thing about it is that it loads up it’s game world from Google Maps. So the game world is literally Earth itself! You can go anywhere you want (albeit without roads or buildings) by moving around as normal or by typing in your GPS coordinates. I know the latitude and longitude of where I live so I went there and, sure enough, it had a pretty accurate version of the landscape here (the boat basins are beyond jacked up, but it had the river jetties). This game is free, but you can also buy it for $15. Buying it gives you access to vehicles and some other stuff I really didn’t look over.

The game can be found here: http://www.outerra.com/index.html

You should totally post screenshots of the landscape around where you live :smiley:



Well, i was so excited about this at first, and thought it was so cool! Now, not so much :-/

This is what the area i live by looks like. There is a river, with a lot of houses, and a bunch of hills, and a mountain like thing :-/




SOOO what you are saying is that this game is exactly like one that’s been around for years that used satallite images? Cool! I can’t wait to try out Flight Simulator free edition!



But it’s better.