[old] minecraft server rules

1)  Be respectful to Staff and Administrators, if you are at any time disrespectful to the staff of the server it is grounds for ban.

2)  No asking Moderators or Administrators to spawn Items this will result in a mute, followed by a temp ban, and finally a ban.

3)  If at any time you lure a moderator to a position in order to kill them, or kill them while they are trying to do their job you will be temp banned for 6 hours. If you acquired the moderators head in this unlawful way, they have permission to take it back by use of force. 

4)  Griefing is allowed in the wilderness, this being said if a town is unclaimed due to a fluke and is griefed it is a banable offence. Water and lava greifing in the wilderness are not permissible, and the person or persons responsible will be punished by an administrator.

        4-a) If at any time TNT, water, or lava  is used to grief in any way shape or form, the user will suffer a punishment with a severity of at least a 6 hour tempban depending in the infraction, please note that these items are there for your benefit not to make others lives miserable.

5)  Greifing in a town will be up to the town owner as to whether or not the person will be allowed to stay in the town. All town griefs will be rolled back. IF YOU ARE MALICIOUS WITH YOUR TOWN GRIEFS IT IS A BANABLE OFFENCE. This will be taken on a case by case basis

        5-a) If a town member wishes to take down their own build it is not considered a grief. If the town in question would like to keep the build that the member wishes to take down the member must cease demolition and a formal request must be made to the administrators. In this special case, the Administrators will come up with a solution so that both parties will be able to get what they want.

6)  /tp killing is not allowed in any form (/home, /warp. /tp), this is a banable offence. That being said
if you accept a request (tpa) then you will be held responsible for what happens.

7)  No mods or glitches can be used that give any sort of advantage in the game. If you are found duping items, falsifying god mode, running x ray, or any other mod or glitch that gives an unfair advantage you will be banned

8.)  Any persons found guilty of using and item duplication glitch will not be susceptible to applying for an appeal.

        8-a) If at any time any persons found abusing a bug in the game that is deemed by the admins to be unlawful then said person will be individually punished by the administrators. If you feel like you may be doing something that falls under these bounds contact the administrators to be sure. Only an Admin can invoke this punishment.

9)  Be respectful to other players This will vary depending on the severity of the infringement but will at least be a mute, and will at most be a ban. 

10)  No spamming in the global channel this will result in immediate mute or ban for a typing or spambot infraction accordingly.

11)  No advertising this will result in immediate ban

12)  Excessive caps will be grounds for a global mute.

13)  If a player is a disturbance in the general or private channels they will experience a 1 day global mute.

14)  Bypassing mute (using the /me /a or any other broadcasting command) is grounds for a 1day temp ban.

  1. Racist, vulgar or excessive useless chat in the global channel is grounds for a global mute. Any user that has become a persistent problem will be susceptible to a more severe punishment ranging from a 6 hour global mute to a 1 day tempban.

        15-a) If said member still refuses to disregard previous warnings, a ban will be instituted by a server administrator.

16)  You may not ask for a promotion in chat, after an official warning you may be muted for 1 day for asking.

17)  There must be a road entering and leaving all towns on the server, failure to comply may result in the deletion of your town. In addition there is no such thing as a town that is off limits, other users are permitted to view towns on the server. If the users are causing a disturbance that is more then simply annoying a member of the town they will be asked by a staff member to leave.

18)  The following items are banned from the server, Fire, and Trinitrotoluene (TNT)[If you have not donated]. If you need a portal lit, please contact a mod. Please keep in mind that fire spread is turned off globally, and that you do not need to turn it off in your towns.

19)  No Redstone pulse generators or clocks, all must be able to be push button activated, if a clock is left running it will be deleted.  Repeat or severe offences of this glitch will result in a ban.

20)  No vulgar builds. If the build does not comply with the consistency of the servers demands, the builder will be asked to remove it, non compliance will result in removal of the build via command.

21)  No auto MCMMO levelers, this will be treated as glitch in the game and will be treated as so. (Meaning ban, with no appeal.)

22)  Offensive skins, or names  will be asked to be changed; if the user is in noncompliance he will be banned.

23)  If at any point a single member becomes a true constant detriment to the server they will be asked to stop the reoccurring problems, or they will be forcibly removed.

24)  All persons that fill out a ban appeal must be required to do 2 weeks community service for the server.  During these 2 weeks, you must wear the convict name badge, you will be given a task that must be completed to the satisfaction of the administrators.  All convicts will be forced to leave their town during the duration of their sentence.

        24-a) Depending on the severity of the banning infraction additional time and punishments may be inflicted on the parties, including but not limited to: removal of money, resetting of rank, and resetting of MCMMO stats. During the time of affliction the convicts are not to receive any help from friends, it is also not permissible to attack or hinder the convict from doing the job assigned.

25)  This server works on a one appeal system as a safety net for its members, if you are banned you may fill out an appeal on the forums right next to where you originally signed up for the server. This is the warning of all warnings, meaning you only get one, if you are banned again it is permanent.

  1. In order to maintain a common ground and prevent a language barrier among players, please refrain from using languages other than English in Public Chat. Please create a separate channel for conversations in other languages.

  2. Please refrain from having persistent one on one conversations in global. Use private messaging if you are to do this.

  3. Due to a plugin failure all leftover mob spawners on the server should be reported to staff so they can be properly removed

AMENDMENT (Kymera_Effect) 1/9/13:
29) Deliberately covering, obstructing, or in any way prohibiting another player from accessing their Death Chest is prohibited.  Yes, our server is mostly a survival server, but the mere fact that we allow Death Chests means that players are allowed to access their items after they die, which would typically be absent in a pure survival server.  Interfering with a player’s Death Chest does not enhance the survival nature of the server, and only leads to greater frustration.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in:

1st offense: warning
2nd offense: 6hr temp-ban
3rd offense: full ban

Thank you all for your compliance with these rules, they are in place to try and make your overall experience on the server a pleasant one. If you have any problems/suggestions for the rules listed here please feel free to PM me.

Happy Crafting


*We reserve the right to change these rules. Any members will be notified if and when the rules are changed.

Challange accepted,

Rules broken 0/25!

Progress 0%

Very well thought out fluffy. Good job.


Would killing animals in a town be griefing?


eerm… Mike I would like to say you have spelt advertising wrong. It’s with a “S” not a “Z”

Thanks for pointing that out Micky

Your welcome :slight_smile:

In, rule #2 you spelled temp ban “tamp ban” might want to fix that.

*fiixed, thanks ice

In rule 18 it states your not allowed to use fire… is it ok to use fire if your town toggles it?

What’s an auto leveling mcmmo thing?

Anything that let’s you go afk whilst leveling up mcmmo skills. Like programming a bot to fish for you when you’re not there, or putting together a device that allows you to level up say acrobatics when you’re afk for hours upon hours.

Not sure if this is the place to ask/respond to the question but in a nutshell that’s an auto leveler.

Stock, I do believe you can use fire in towns, i have a fire going in the wilderness that me and fluffy set months ago

A staff member has to light it or give him the fire to do so as the flint and steel doesn’t light anything lol

Bump, rules have changed, please read them over carefully and tell your friends.

I’m adding an addendum to the rules. All of the rules generally revolve around the idea of respecting other players. The main way to stay out of trouble is to not do anything that would upset someone else. Don’t call someone they don’t want to be called, don’t do something they don’t want to happen, and don’t talk to someone if they don’t want to talk to you. Again, this is not a rule, only an addendum. If you read this post and take what I’m saying to heart, I doubt you’ll get into any kind of trouble. And if you do break a rule, but have a past history of being respectful to others, we’re going to be a lot easier on you. Just keep all of this in mind when you’re playing.

I’d like to call it the “Don’t be a dick” addendum.