Old 1337Clan world

I know i haven’t been on the server but i would really like to have a copy of the old world map because it was the best thing about 1337 and i’m sure everyone enjoyed it. Also about the bugs you faced on that world, because 1.4 introduced the Re-create function for worlds you could re-create the world meaning that bugs would be fixed and it would be updated for 1.4. I know is sounds weird but i really would like to play on it again :slight_smile:


I love that idea, and also if you can, add cords for big towns like Yuke or JV

Well this has been brought up many times but the admins do not want to release the map for download. The reason for this is that they do not want it possibly appearing on another server or anything like that. Now I’m not saying you will be putting the map up on a server or anything, but we do not want to take that chance. Hope you can understand that reasoning and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!