Official Ban Appeal for stock85

Hey…i know this is a little late but I’ve been pretty busy lately and i didnt fill out an appeal to resist the temptation of playing…but i am truely sorry for exploiting a glitch and breaking rule 8a…again i know this is late but i would appreciate to be back on the server if at all possible

It’s Rule 7-A just to let you know.

Ok, well you happen to post at a bad time. All three admins have been AWOL for some time now and we have no idea when/if they’re coming back. In the meantime, I’ll try to get a hold of them and see what happens.

Who banned you and what was your glitch?

Simply put, he used a glitch to prevent people’s death chests from spawning an a certain area.

Kymera_Effect banned him.

Thats a bad glitch, well if you do want to come back the minimum convict term would be 1 month, but i’m thinking 2. This also comes with a town removal, money and rank reset. I have large projects that need working on, which is the only reason that i’m considering this because in my mind glitchers don’t usually see the error of their ways. BUT know this, if you choose to accept this, it is the last chance you get, this is your warning to be the best person you can be, or else it will be the realm of permaban that you enter.

The choice is yours whether or not you accept these terms I will wait for a reply to this post before setting all this up.

Listen i know this is exactly what your suppose to do when you get an offer to come back to a server…but is there anyway i can negotiate something with you fluffy because there is no doubt in my mind I want to get back to this server but I’m not sure i have the time for convict work with my real life having difficulties right now…I hope you can consider this and I would do the convict work if i could…and i would just like to add that the origional purpose of the “glitch” i used which i showed you as one of my builds was to have a winner takes all for anything in his/her’s inventory in a pvp match…I used it immpulsivly out of rage from what I felt was an injustice situation which I was wrong about…again just please consider a negotiation…and I hope for the best I can make it back on the server

There is no negotiations. You broke the rules on Fluffy’s server, so you have to face the consequences. Either accept his terms and punishments for your actions, or you don’t accept and stay permabanned.

The fact that you even admitted using such a glitch “out of rage” to take justice into your own hands was wrong. Such a glitch should have put you on the “does not return” list, but fluffy is being generous and allowing you to return, so I’d say take the choice he’s giving you.

Stock, you exploited a glitch, and a major one at that. If you want to be back on you gotta face the consequences.

Normally I get annoyed when non-staff comment on these, but frankly I couldn’t have said it any better myself! It’s just a rank, dude. No biggie.

I dont mind getting convict status or loosing my rank and my money and kicked from my town…Im just saying I want to get back to the server but I dont have time to do the work from being convict as soon as possible so I was wondering does it matter if the work is done ASAP or could I negotiate maybe a little more work but a bigger time frame to do it in

And frankly devore I honestly have had enough of you…everything I do you flip out on me for…seriously enforcing rules is one thing but you’re on my back for everything…This was a simple request to Fluffy that you turned into me trying to totally avoid all consequences which wasnt my intensions at all…seriously just stop

It’s okay if you can’t get on, stock. If you are able to get on, just do your thing for a bit and leave when you have to. As long as you’re seen making an effort it doesn’t matter how many times or how long you’re on for. And you can come back to your town the moment you’re able too. If you’re the mayor of your town, I’m sure all of the staff would be perfectly fine with you remaining in town (just don’t go there or do anything town-wise while you’re a convict). We’re willing to work with you and we’d like to have you back!

If this is true for admins then I can’t wait to get started

Please note that if the admins do not comment on here, either they haven’t seen it yet or have denied your appeal.

So seeing as I waited 6 months…is it fair to assume there is no chance of me getting back on this server

If you would still like to come back, these are the requirements.

If you wish to comeback the terms that konig posted are still the ones that you would need to accept. You must reply in a post saying i accept these terms and you will be unbanned.

Alright I’ll make another post,but what happens when I am stripped of my ranks and money,what does it mean I would do as convict work?

so convict is a time where you bare a public badge on the server and you are given a certain task, during this time you are asked to leave your town temporarily so you can focus more on the task at hand. My usual task was making convicts make a subway to the mall but as that is complete i may need to make a different one for you. You are expected to make progress on the task, that is all we ask, the mods wont be all over you, but if you make progress your convict sentence will be lifted. If you don’t appear to be doing anything at all we will assume that you  no longer want to be apart of the server and re-issue a ban. If your work is satisfactory we will set you to the miner rank and put your money at 0, you will still retain your home and all the items in your chests and everything else and at that point in time you will be added back to your town.

Do you accept these terms.