New Staff Positions Available

In the recent weeks we have been noticing that less staff members are online. With the recent push to being a public server, we are going to need a much more active staff collective. So there are positions that will be opening up in both the mod section and the jr mod section.

We will be looking to fill 4-5 new moderator positions.

Of the new staff members, we are hoping for 2 american members, and 3 non american members for the best balancing.


We will also be looking to fill 5 new Jr mod positions.

Jr mods are players that are not old enough to join the moderator rank. They must be dedicated players that have many hours on the server, and a working knowledge of the plugins that we use.

We have a minimum age requirement for jr mod of 13

I ask that any members applying must have a Skype account to conduct an interview. All members applying must also know all the rules on the server, because questions in the interview will be about them.

The way to apply is simple, you need to send me a typed document, to do so go to and use the password:1337clan and upload your file.

In your application:

include your first name

Minecraft gamer tag

Location in the world


skype account

a paragraph on why you like this server

a paragraph on why you would make a good staff member

all questions will be answered in private to me. Thank you for  your time


Hello fluffy. I wants to speak with you on Skype about jr mod. I Will go make  a application now:-)


I have send you the application

Hi fluffy :slight_smile: I really want to talk about Jr.mod to u on skype tomorrow :slight_smile: i will send an application now ;))

Okay, Thank you Korb, and alek :slight_smile:

  • one thing on the app fluffy. i know the rules :slight_smile:

Okay sent my Jr. mod app I think just let me know if it didn’t go though or if there is any problems :slight_smile:

Have all of the applicants been interviewed yet? It’s quite some time since the interviewing began. :open_mouth:

Hi Fluffy,

I sent in an application. Let me know what you think.


I sent an application :slight_smile:

on my first application, i accedntly put the wrong age, i put 17 instead of 14, the 7 is right above my 4 on my key pad and i didnt notice, hope i didnt cause any confusion

Why did you tell me you were 16 going on 17 then in game?

I told you i was 16 because maybe i didnt want u knowing how old i was :slight_smile: because it really wasnt any of your buisness, in the application, i put that by mistake, but i corrected myself


This kid is a hot mess.

I do another interview :stuck_out_tongue:

I am applying for a staff spot  ;D

I’ve been waiting for ages and still no reply.

Im still awaiitng the first bach on jr mods when will we know?

Will know if an admin contacts you for an interview. If he doesn’t contact you, then you didn’t get staff.