New name problem


Konig_Wolf53 told me to post a thread about my new name. So uh, here it is.

Ign: TheFapocalypse






Don’t understand how you can deny someone their name. So if either Konig or devote could extrapolate that be great. Yes I understand the name and realize that there may be those wh are of a younger age, though I wonder if you’ve denied players their name before the integration of the name changing ability.



The reason he is posting here is so we can find out what players changed their names and we can replace the existing name with the new one so they can regain their stats and commands as per X4n4th’s request.

Please see this forum thread regarding name changes so they may be addressed.



Well originally we couldn’t deny someone just because of their name, but seeing as you can now change your name, there is no reason to accept vulgar names. I had ImGoingInDry change his name to Obsidian_Mind in order to comply. This isn’t quite the official policy just yet, but I’m confident that’s what it will be.

And Dev you could have explained it a little, haha.

If it hasn’t been promoted already, I’ll promote it to miner (or whatever rank you were) just because there was no clarification on this “rule.”