New chat D:

Guiz, my chat is messed up. I was in a channel messaging someone and now I can’t get back to global or /tell anyone else. Everytime I do like, /tell shiift_aquaaah it just says “To The Abyss Shiift_Aquaaah [insert message]”

And I can’t do /ch global or /global or anything to try to get back into global. I’ve relogged and restarted MC. Halps :c

We’re in the very early stages of using a custom made chat system. Expect bugs and features not to work 100% properly for a bit.

Try using “/msg player_name” instead of /tell.

Nope, that’s not working either, and I still can’t type in Global D:

try /ch g

Right now you have to use /msg instead of /tell. Also, you need to put their full username (so instead of doing “/msg asn” you have to do “/msg ASneakyKat.” As for not being able to talk in global, do /ch g a few times, testing it between times you run the command. If that doesn’t work, do /ch animals, try to talk, then do /ch g again.

/msg and /tell do the exact same things, they’re literally the same thing. We’ll be pushing the new update soon for the shortened names, please be patient. We’re going to work on an end all problem fixer if you cant talk in global so be ready for that here soon.

If you have a bug, instead of posting it on the forums, please report it on so that we can have it all together. Thanks!