My Time As A Member Of Staff

[b]Today will be the last day I am addressing you as a staff member, its been a good ride, through my time iv learned alot of things, I always had to help players and be active in the community and communicate with you guys, so I became a temp moderator and from then on i surpassed to moderator which iv been for quiet some time,  and it started to become like a routine for me, coming on every morning and been welcomed by the many players and friends, through the day helping players with theirs problems, and just having some great fun and a kickass time, after the down time we had with the server I took some time to think about what i’d do when we went back up, things like making myself a new town, maybe looking forward to some new ranks that were in store, and now here I am, the server has been back up what just over two months and iv been working hard on my varies projects in hope to achieve engineer and iv done just that, in a short bit of time i will have my portfolio up for viewing to see what I came up with and what got me my rank
, so well that’s it I hope to see everyone on the server and i’m probably gonna have people wow’n alot


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we will mis you as a [color=green]staff[/color] member sean,  But I’m sure you still will help if we ask :). And Congrats with the [color=yellow]Engieer [/color] rank  :).

Is it said that I have to highlight the [color=yellow]yellow Engineer [/color]to understand what you are saying?

I will miss you as Mod sean. I thought u was the best mod, so i think its very sad… But i know ur goal was engineer, and i understand u want to be that :wink: We will all miss u as Mod m8!



I’d like to thank you for your time and efforts as a staff.  As a moderator / staff member on the server you’re a public servant and your time and efforts often go unnoticed.  You have to deal with people constantly and sometimes that takes the fun out the game you’ve enjoyed playing.

Thanks for your time and see you around the server.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I REALLY hope that you guys are playing this song in the background while reading his post…


    It was great having you as staff on this server. I enjoyed your help when I was only a builder and you helped inspire me to do more for the server so I applied for temp mod. I have achieved that and I try to be as helpful as you are everyday on the server. I appreciate all that you have done for 1337clan and I look forward to seeing more amazing builds from you.


I’ve known you for about a year now, maybe longer, and in all the time I’ve known you my friend, you have been both a fantastic friend, and an outstanding moderator. You always were helping players in need, even if they were being a pain in the (insert profanity here), and yet you could somehow make time for your buddies on the server. It is sad that we must see you leave the position of Moderator, but it is for the best, I suppose.

I thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me, my friends, this server, and this Clan. Goodbye Sean2K11 the Mod, and welcome, Sean2K11 the engineer! We look forward to your regular player time on the server, you have massive potential to build amazing things!

One day, we will have a new moderator, in your place. Let us hope that new moderators greatness will be at such magnitude as Sean2K11!

From your friendly friend,

Sean i will miss u as å staff

Will miss you sean as a staff member But what a great player you are.

We want sean back as staff :stuck_out_tongue: