My Faction Base

I decided to make a faction base! I really like Konig’s base so I made my base in the style of his. By that I mean it’s in a mountain inside a Mesa biome and has a cool piston door and it has some cool piston secrets.


Hope You Like It!

Hold on hold on hold on… So either dort here is playing on our server again, or he is playing on another server with factions… So… WTF

No Comment MrBossman. I refuse to comment on that statement.

But aside from that did you like the base? A lot of work and effort was put into it.

Yes dirtbikes is banned from our server permanently(forever). He has seen my base a few times when he came and butchered my animals and horses, so he just built the design from memory. It appears he is just building on his own server and posting pics here, but as to why? I have no clue. We are his community and he feels safe here. He can post on our forums if he wants as long as it follows the rules. He isn’t advertising, just posting pictures of what he built.

Looks good dirt, keep it up. You will never know what my war room looks like though mwahahahaha. Its the room to start all end all.

Don’t Muhahaha too loud, lol. I’ve seen it once, it’s basically chests stacked on each other with an item frame on each one with some article of armor, so basically just a chest for each type of armor. 

That’s the one time I’ve seen it, it may of changed, idk.

Lol actually you are pretty wrong about my design.

I bet I am, but that’s what I saw when the base was first created, your base is really good though, I tried :smiley: