My Apologies.


A few days ago I was not feeling to happy with how things were going on the server. So I though posting something would be a good idea. It was not a good idea. I let my anger show, and truly dropped the ball, and so I apologize to the community. I hope to learn from this and hope not to do this again. I do enjoy this server a great amount. I think part of my feeling for the server is passion for it that is misconstrued in the event of feeling helpless, that is, feeling unable to do anything about the server’s current state. Which I probably can do something, but just don’t. So hopefully I can do something for the server in the future, and enjoy many more memorable moments on it. I again apologize for my previous rant on the forums, and hope to see you all on the server in the near future. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I love each and every one of you. See you soon. 




This server is an incredibly complicated thing. I’ve found my self simply infuriated at it’s current state, and I strive to make it better. It’s all good.