Minecraft - Survival Server Update (3/9/2020)

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since i gave an update on the Minecraft servers.

This update will start with a little history on 1337clan and the servers.

1337clan Minecraft started in October of 2010 with Mincraft Alpha. The server was hosted locally on my computer with group of college friends. At the time it was SteelPhantom, x4n4th(myself) and Fluffy4Eva. After fumbling around with the server for a few months and destroying the map we decided to create a new world called “thenewworld.”

I have a picture somewhere of me accidentally destroying the first map with a forest fire. Fire spread in Alpha was unlimited.

“thenewworld” was the first server we made public. It was a mixture of a Creative and a Survival server. We used world guard to manually protect builds for players and we gave access to world edit. Minecraft was volatile at this time and we constantly had to deal with server crashes and map corruption.
We had a couple of spawns on this server

Original Spawn

New Spawn (Fluffy’s Castle that was ambitious)

My calculator was on this map.

Beta (2011 -> 2012) - You might know this as the museum world
With beta came Survival mode. Fluffy and I discussed the possibility of creating a new map so that we would take advantage of the new game mechanics. The community at the time was hyped about getting a new map. We called the new server Survival. I will refer with this server as the OG Survival server as our naming conventions have been horrible mostly due to me. This server was our first Towny server.

The server reached 100 players online with this map.

Spawn (Surrounded by the town JV)

Beta to Release (2012 -> 2015)
The 1337Clan server that most people know came about around 2012. We started a new map to attempt to get away from yet another corrupt and laggy world.

This server was our second Towny server. I might refer to this map as Survival Old.


The above photos where take today (3/9/2020).

I hope to preserve these maps and make the available to anyone. Over the last couple weeks i have been rebuilding the old servers. I have pulled the old maps out of the archive with the old server software. McMMO, Towny, and Worldguard data has been recovered for “thenewworld”, “Survival OG” and the “Survival Old” servers.

I am in the process of building portals so anyone can visit these servers as they were when they shut down.

The new Survival Server which is based on Minecraft 1.15 and “Survival Old” is up and available at server.1337clan.com


I also just upgraded the server hardware. We are now running on…

  • Ryzen 3800x
  • 64GB RAM
  • Raid NVMe SSDs

I will have more updates in the future.

Thank you,


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