Minecraft - Survival Server Update (3/31/2020)

Hi all.

There have been a few additions to the Minecraft servers.

  1. Weather has been disabled globally. It rains way to often in Minecraft and the quickest thing to do was to disable the weather.

  2. Craftbook has been added to the server. So far we have enabled Gates

  3. Minecraft Overviewer

You can access Minecraft overviewer here: https://maps.1337clan.com/

A Backup of the server is taken ever 6 hours starting at 12:00 AM UTC
The map is generated from this backup every 6 hours starting at 1:00 AM UTC (An hour after)

Example:If you make a change to your build on the server at 6:00PM EST you will see the map update at 9:00:PM EST

Thank you,


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Woah, Emendo told me that the clan may be coming back to life! Cool stuff! @chris158

Good to see you again X4!

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Hey Monty! Good to see you again too. Are you on the discord?

It is back!!! The server is alive and if you want to join Winterfell IV, text me and we can play!!!