Minecraft - Survival Server Update (3/14/2020)

Hello everyone,

A goal of mine has been to bring back every Minecraft server that has been hosted by the 1337clan network.

In the last update I mentioned 4 servers. Please bare with my naming conventions :slight_smile:.

The servers are:

  • TheNewWorld
  • Survival OG (This original survival server)
  • Survival Old
  • Survival New

I am pleased to announce that all 4 of these servers are now available.

“TheNewWorld” has been recreated with the original world guard protections in place. The map has been brought back from corruption and updated to the current Minecraft version (1.15.2).

“Survival OG” map has been brought back from the archives. I was able to recreate the original Towny data. All towns are back but some of them have been stripped of their spawns. Player data such as inventory is gone.

“Survival Old” map has been hosted for some time and is also available from the hub.

“Survival New” is our current survival map based on Minecraft 1.15.2.

A new portal has been created behind spawn on Survival New.

If you walk through that portal you will end up on the hub server.

Each portal on the hub will will send you to one of the 4 servers. Just read the signs :slight_smile:.

There are other servers that we hosted over the years that i am working on such as:

  • Anarchy
  • Creative
  • Sky Block

Thank you,


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Can’t wait to get those extra servers back up and running!


I have been working on getting other things situated. Mainly the backup process and Overviewer