So recently a newish app has been popping up on the server, minechat. As staff, it was our duty to check to make sure this did not in any way harm said server, so we temporarily stopped people from using until we tested a few things. It is allowed, but we would like you to know a few things.

-If you use the app in a pvp zone or in the wilderness, know that if you die, your cenotaph will spawn and it is YOUR responsibility to get on a computer and gather it again. Best and safest bet would be to either log from spawn or your home.

-if you are killed while using the app, you took the risk of being vulnerable. Staff is not held responsible for your death in this case.

-if you keep hitting someone you killed who was using minechat, their body will still be there but your tool will take damage. You do not get mcmmo xp from this and you’re pretty much beating a dead horse for glue at this point. Staff is not responsible for you doing said task.

-if you accept a tpa request and are killed, your fault, just like it says in the rules. This app makes you that helpless animal, so please know that there will be people who will try and take advantage of that so be cautious and know when it is and with it’s not safe to accept tpa requests. Using this app, I’d say to never accept them.

I hope you enjoy the app if you use it and keep it classy out there! I use the app all the time since I don’t have my main computer working at the moment and I enjoy it! See to server side!

reasonable :----)