Memorial for Sean2K11

I decided to make a memorial for a tribute to a friend of mine. R.I.P. Sean2K11. Message TheGho7t ingame or go to x-2098 and z1784.


Sorry for it being late, i did not know the sad news until yesterday.

I know you didn’t know but I rather make a statue in the imperial city of my best pal Sean. As well as a statue in Daylon as he’s helped me a lot and Daylon would Benifit a statue of a legend. If you can make him out of wool I come to some arrangement with you :slight_smile:

When you make this “statue” you should know the last skin he had was a Silver the hedgehog skin that he made himself. Before that he had the skin I’m using, and before that he had some modern warfare looking thing…

I feel like adding a bunch of wool player statues doesn’t pay tribute to Sean. Sean’s time on the server was spent on his town, and on Imperial City, the later of the two his most prized possession. As I said in another post, Imperial City is far from done, but Sean’s goal was to have built at least the courtyard buildings, which are only half done. The reason he left the server was because some members of a certain town we all hate greifed it to hell and back, and the admins refused to punish them, only roll back the damage. I say that instead of statues spread out over the map, Imperial City be completed, I feel that would be what he would want us to do, especially since the city would, and still could, be used as a showcase for this server. 

Personally I only want his skin statue in Imperial City not “bunch of wool player statues” I’m saying it would be a good idea if that takes place if not I want his statue in Daylon.

I agree with unaided on this one, I think completing imperial city is the way to go. I talked to Sean everyday and we built that thing together for months. We had alot of fun doing it and I think it’d be a great thing to dedicate to him.

Bringing up my final point on this matter, (since people asked) if you want to help, you are to bring your own tools and materials. The only items that will be provided will be chiseled stone brick (which can’t be found in-game anyway), maybe iron and gold blocks, and cobwebs. Otherwise, the materials, mainly colored wool, stone, glass, and nether brick, need to be brought. Also, if ice or I is able to, re-construction will start this weekend. I suggest anyone who wants to help download this map, since we are following it’s exact specifications when building the city. Thanks :slight_smile:

world download:

One more thing that unaidedgrain  forgot to mention is being co-operative. We want no fighting or argueing at this memorial/construction. We don’t care who started it, we will finish it. Anyone who starts to cause problems will kindly be removed from the project. I don’t mean to be harsh, but we want to remember Sean with a fun project like this and we want everyone to enjoy it. There is always that one person who ruins the fun for everyone, so if that person shows up we will be politely removing them from the area. Can’t wait to see you all there, I am really excited to start this project again! Sean will never be forgotten!

Gotta love how you’re posting forum responses when you’re supposed to be taking mid- terms Ice :stuck_out_tongue:

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