Lost XP


Okay, so first I would like to apologize if this is posted in the wrong section.

I lost 97 levels of experience. Which I only had because I was under the impression I could no longer lose xp on death as an emerald donator. If I misread your donation page I apologize. However if this is not a mistake, is there a way to get the levels back? If not oh well I suppose just a lot of wasted effort.



You did not misread the donation section, there is a plugin that keeps XP on death. Sometimes, in my experience it will show 0 for me as well, and then within a day or so it will bring it back. If the levels haven’t returned by tomorrow let me know and I’ll give you them back manually. 



It happens all the damn time for me, and if you do in fact earn more XP before it’s reverted, it messes it up.



Yeah I did not get the levels back, AND an anvil ripped me off 34 levels by taking them, but not the diamond or repairing the item at all. lol 

If its a common thing, perhaps If you would not mind replacing the 97 levels I lost, and from now on I will just use them at lvl 30 as normal.

I remember the death was from ender pearling glitch where I impacted 2 times and took double damage. The "scholars maintain they do not know what killed “player” message popped up. So perhaps the manner of death has an influence on this bug.



Yeah we’ve been having this issue for some time now. I’d give you the levels if I could, but I’ll do the next best thing and remind the admins when I get the chance.



Thanks, I appreciate it.

It’s not the biggest issue in the world to me honestly. I mean levels come and go, I normally do not save them past 30. I was just trying to see how high I could get them since I wasn’t thinking I could lose them. Honestly though if one was to be most xp efficient they would enchant before going past 30.

Thanks again guys.



If you want to know how high levels can go, there’s no limit… I’ve tried to find it lol.

But I’m sorry for your lose and we’ll contact the admins about getting these replaced. It does happen quite often though.