Let's try again....

Hello there. It’s Dirtbikes95! I am banned again unfortunately, I bypassed mute, I’m not blaming anyone for it. I did it and I’m not proud of it. I original saw no use in appealing for it but it told me to report here, so I am. I am sorry for my actions, I just simply screwed up and yet again I let my anger get the best of me, I personally thought my mute invalid but it was my own fault for agitating Konig_Wolf53. I had nothing else to do, so I simply went to go annoy Konig, which got me muted, then people started mentioning my name so I bypassed it to talk back which was a mistake, but there was one mistake, Husky said I was banned because I was kicked three times already for bypassing, when I was only kicked once for it, my internet kept going on and off during that time, so those 2 other times they thought I got kicked, it was really my internet going off and on, either way it was wrong and dumb. I would also like to point out that I’ve been here for 1 1/2 years, but that gives me no more protection or any immunity to the rules which are here to protect the server. I would also like to point out that I was a big part in getting the factions server set up. I played a big role in decided weather to have a currency or mcmmo or not in factions, I also played a big role in building the spawn point of the factions server, these give me no immunity to the rules and protect me from my actions, I am just simply stating how dedicated I was to it and though it didn’t seem like I cared that much with my actions, I really did. Guys, I’m only 12, I’m going through the stage where I guess just have the I don’t give a crap attitude and I guess I think when I get told off, YOU DON’T OWN ME! Yeah guys, I am truly sorry for my actions, I will personally work 100% harder in getting my act together, and hopefully you guys are willing to give me that one last chance. Well guys… I guess it’s goodbye for now. 

Thread locked so only staff can post

Thread locked so only staff can post

Well, I can’t find out how to lock this thing, haha.

Why would we believe that giving you another chance will yield any kind of difference in your behavior if the other 20 chances didn’t?

Well, good question. I believe this time this full ban has given me a reality check. I believe I am really willing to not screw up again 

Sorry but as Fluffy said to you, you are banned from our server indefinitely. You have no appeals remaining.

I feel like I’ve done enough to benefit the server that I think I should at least get one last chance, I was in the skype call with Kenny and Dan when we discussed factions, and I helped build the spawn point for it, doesn’t that get me at least some credit?

No. The answer is no. I’m not sure if it’s a case of short term memory loss. Or just selective memory but this account is banned from the server. I told you (like I told mickey so long ago) that you needed to be an angel to avoid a permaban. I pulled you into 2 different Skype calls withing 2 days of each other just to talk out situations with the staff. You know what your other chance is, and you have it, be greatful for that. But, This Appeal Is Denied On The Grounds That It Is The Second Time This account has been banned.


it was way more than two times…

Huh… Odd, Didn’t ItzJerryBruh get like 5 appeals? My point being, I like this server and I am really willing to change this time

We are enforcing the 2 appeal system more strictly now a days so as fluffy just said, its a no. Repeatedly asking won’t benefit you.

I feel like so many rules have changed over the passed that everybody should get fresh start with bans… for example, I was playing along and the rule was becoming strictly enforced, so enforced it’s like you guys just added it, it’s so we can only get one appeal which I was already over the limit so I’m screwed either way, if we’re going to do stuff for the rules, give everybody a fresh start, doesn’t it make sense?

The last amendment to the rules was in January of 2013, your first ban was in May of 2013 so it happened after the most recent update to the rules. using /me as a broadcast while muted is one of the oldest rules that we have. the last fresh start happened almost 2 years ago now when we started the server over from scratch, We don’t plan on doing that again so there will be no player resets. All of your arguments also fall apart because of all the chances that the staff gave you instead of banning you, we put in huge tempbans instead of your final strike hoping it would sink in, then I got on a skype call with you twice to tell you what thin ice you were on!! If I make a promise to you, i will not go back on it. Again… You have another chance, you know what is is, I suggest you dont mess it up. 

 It was not. Tempbans and arrangements made it seem like that, but I can assure you that this was his 2nd official ban. 

No, this is simply incorrect. He has had 4 times on this server total. 2 were on the last server over 2 years ago, then when we started fresh  the bas were erased. So, on this server he got 1 appeal. 

There are only 2-3 players that have ever gotten more then one appeal and it was a rare and special circumstance that was approved by an admin, however, yours will not be approved so to make this clear:

**The Dirtbikes95 account will not be allowed back on the server**


I believe that when Fluffy uses several different styles throughout his text, including two different colors, he means what he says. My advise? Quit asking. You had your chances and you blew it, even after ALL of the global mods and admins had a talk with you and you promised us change. We didn’t see that, and in fact you reverted back to the normal actions within a day or two.

Prove it the other way we gave you, but the Dirtbikes account isn’t allowed to come back.

Oh he’s deffinantly benefited the server. Getting banned helped us all have a little less areas in our mc lives :slight_smile:

sorry to get off topic, but i thought it was only 1 appeal now…

No Midnight, it’s 2 appeals. It’s always been that way :smiley:

I’m locking this thread because there is nothing more to discuss. If any other staff feel the need to add something, you know how to do it.

EDIT: It appears I misinterpreted the question. 2 bans, 1 appeal is what I meant to put.

Sorry, I miss spoke. Its 2 bans with only 1 appeal. If you get banned, you can appeal it. If you get banned after that first appeal. No more appeals will be accepted.

Yeah, it’s 2 bans with only one appeal. It’s time to be a bit more serious with punishments as well, we’ve been too lenient in the past, and members will walk all over us because of it. I guess it’s time to bring back the old Devore… I’ll miss being nice :stuck_out_tongue: