Hey guys! I'm back , I guess?

Hey peoples! About a year or two ago, my friend introduced me to my first ‘real’ server ever, 1337clan. I loved the hell out of it, and it introduced me to some awesome minecrafters and was an overall amazing experience. Eventually though, it faded away as the server was down for some time  :’( …I came back a little bit when it was revived, but never long enough to do anything worthwhile.

After going through countless server lists, I can just NOT find a single server suited for me. I get to thinking of back in the olden days, where I considered a 20x20 cobblestone square to be a “castle” . Then I remember where that happened: 1337Clan! I rush to the website to see if it’s offline and i’m greeted with this:


Das me! I really am honored to be on the front page of 1337. Anyway, yadayadayada i’ll be returning once the server is online and all that good stuff. Thanks everyone! (P.S. sorry if I sounded kinda annoying during this.)

WELCOME BACK TO 1337 CLAN :smiley:

Glad to see old members returning. I might not have met you however I will be around the server. Anything you need just ask me :slight_smile:

welcome back!

Welcome back! Now I have to go see what town you’re in so I can take it off the “for-sale” list, haha.

Also please remove keralis town off your list. Dan never took it off after adding me mayor.

WElcome beck

Am I the only one who actually read this part? Lol

Anthony, The server has been online for some time now. I’d say about 1 year and a half.
IP: server.1337clan.com
Join whenever! Unless I accidentally crash the server again, Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

please know that the server is still on 1.6.4 (because craftbukkit hasnt updated to 1.7 yet) so you’ll have to set your client to 1.6.4. I know that everyone wants us to move to 1.7.2, but it’s not our fault that we’re not on it yet, craftbukkit’s team are working hard on getting it working, but it will be a long time before there is a stable build for us to run.

HAHAHA, that’s a good one. They’re just now getting nightly developer builds out, but they’re still a long way away from even an alpha build. I doubt we’ll see a final release before 1.8 comes out, sadly.

Well 1.7.2 had a lot of huge changes under the hood, so they might have had to done a lot of it from the ground up.