Recently a vast majority of our staff have ceased appearing on the server. This means that we will need more staff. This has made some of our younger members begin to wonder if the helper rank will be brought back. Before I continue, I will share with you the reason it was removed in the first place:

Helper was an absolute disaster. Towny override was abused constantly, as was /tpo, and nobody was mature enough to handle it. The Helper ranking is considered to be the worst thing that ever happened to the server. It was expected that helpers would basically act the same way a moderator would, but instead we got a bunch of power-hungry youngsters with access to admin-level commands. I’m not saying we’ve never had a good helper, I’m simply stating that the bad helpers needed to go and that they took the rank with it. Helper was intended to be removed long before the whole cake duplicating issue and had nothing to do with the last 3 helpers.

Now, for the actual purpose of this post: Helper will not be returning and there are no future plans to bring it back anytime ever. The history behind it is just too much and we don’t want to risk anything bad happening again. Below, I’ve answered a few concerns you may have.

But I’m really mature for my age!
You might be, and so was every helper we had before. The main issue is that all the previous helpers were too confrontational and caused many players to leave the server, regardless if they had actually done anything wrong. It’s natural and unavoidable. When you get to about 18, you tend to lose the confrontational attitude (oh hey, when you’re 18 you can apply for mod, how about that!).

But you won’t even give me a chance!
Trust me, we don’t need to give anyone a chance to know it won’t work out.

But you said you need more staff!
That’s true, and with the upcoming update to 1.7 we’ll get a whole slew of new players to choose from.

So you wouldn’t bring it back even if you found someone perfect for it?
I honestly don’t want to answer that, so I’ll just say that in the entire 3 year history of the server only once have we found a helper who was worthy of the rank. And he was made a moderator. This simply just doesn’t happen and the fact that it did is even more ridiculous than words can describe.

Does it bother you when we ask if Helper will be coming back?
I’d ban people for it if it were a valid reason. In fact, after it got removed, that question came up so often the active staff and I stopped playing Minecraft for a week. It gets annoying really fast.

Oh. Sorry :frowning:
It’s okay, you didn’t mean any harm. :slight_smile:



So you predict that a slew of people will come in the 1.7 update, which i have to say I somewhat agree with and it’d be nice to see, but if it doesn’t, there really aren’t that many above 17 members to even choose from that’d like to be staff. (That’s just my opinion, you could be getting requests from everybody as far as i know.)



Considering the most amount of people we’ve had online in the past few months we really only need one or two mods in addition to myself. And if anyone is interested in being a mod, be on your best behavior all the time and I might be willing to talk to you about it.



I’m totally 17… and umm… mature…



The admins have been known to make exceptions for people who are maybe a year or so around that 18 mark.



I’d just like to say that I’m almost going to stop playing minecraft. I was so dedicated to the server! (Not that I’m not anymore) Its just that its very hard to enjoy what your doing if you cant have what you’ve earned :stuck_out_tongue: I earned my stats and its been quite a while… Now getting back on track to Jr. mods… If kenny can’t have admin then why are there no jr mods? When kenny isn’t around who can be finishing those errands?

Clearly errands have not been tended to. I cannot further build the train station unless I have someone copy paste the statues IN MY WAY <3



Shiift that’s why we have regular mods :smiley:
Icewolf568 has returned to the server and thezerbler still comes on. They should be all we need for now.





I can see why I didn’t get the position. The rank itself was a horrific mistake! XD
I suppose my age old question has been answered. Thanks for the post!



‘Bullshit’s my middle name’



In your other post about yout stat reset shiift, I posted asking you to send me your stats so I could set them back for you. I don’t believe I ever got a message from you. Last post on the thread.