Goodnight Sweet Prince


As you all may know, 1337clan has fallen by the wayside. With everyone starting jobs, school and everything else, we’ve all drifted apart. I’ve moved onto studying finance and working on the side, X4n4th has been working a lot and Fluffy has been busy as well. We’ve all drifted away from Minecraft as well, with the server being offline now for a while, I don’t see a reason to bring it back. I have no time to play it anymore and it honestly got boring and repetitive. I miss all of the fun times we had together, we were one big family. All the good times we had cannot be replaced. With that said, I think it’s time we move on. Some of you might not want to come back to this old family, which is fine! Others will probably be hesitant, which is also understandable.

I’ve been getting into Elite: Dangerous on the Xbox One, and will probably move onto the PC version once I’m able to afford a good build (no AMD crap). With a bunch of new games being released soon as well and work and my studies catching up to me, I haven’t had time to do anything with 1337clan. I talk to some of you, but a lot of you have drifted away. I came to this server when I was just out of high school, taking a year off and working at Best Buy. Several months later, I was offered a staff position here. I took it, not knowing where it would take me. A year and a half later, while goofing around with the admins and a couple of other mods, Fluffy proposed an idea that would shift the staff group completely. He came up with the Global Mod position to alleviate some of the workload that the admins had. It was a great idea, at the time.

During my time as global mod, I decided to bring a new staff member into the ranks, someone who’s been with the server for a very long time, but was always considered too young to really join, especially after helper was removed (something something cake duping and many other issues). We had lost a great admin by this point (we miss you Kymera, enjoy the real world man!) and our staff ranks were pretty thin. I requested that Shiift join us, and despite Fluffy being against it at first, he agreed as long as I kept an eye on Shiift. He was a great staff member from the get go, even if he had the temper of a bull sometimes! I was glad to have him under my wings. He was a fantastic builder on the server and everyone knew him, either by good or bad terms. He quickly had the commands down, faster than even I learned, and was schooling even some of the top staff members at times. He took care of our members, even after a big event happened, weakening the upper staff.

Several months, and one major update later, the global mod position was powerless. With Kenny, Konig and I unable to help new players, and staff members dropping like flies, we didn’t have much of a choice. The player base started dropping as well. Old, dated plugins were starting to show their age and bugs with the new updates, Dan working his best on his chat system when he had the time. I know everyone had something against that chat system, but you don’t know the amount of work that man put into it. A lot of you hated the change when we went to it, complaining about the bugs that it had, but you had no idea how much work, and MASSIVE bugs we saw in its infancy. I remember when he asked me to join a test server he had made for it, and I joined. The chat was silent, minus the plugin refreshes he was doing, until that chat system, after several months of work, displayed its first word (that I saw at least) from Dan: “hi”. We were so proud of that chat system, Dan had literally created it from nothing as a fun ‘little’ project that exploded, and it became what 1337clan was centered around. After Dan and I (mostly Dan) worked on the chat system for a while, Dan offered me an admin position to help out people and the server itself. I jumped on that opportunity, not knowing what I just agreed to.

Many months later, as the player base fell, some more staff members started to go their own ways, some going to newer and more populated servers, others to different games entirely. I was helping out the most miniscule problems people were having (disputes over pretty much nothing) and I started to fall out of the game. It felt like the only reason I got on was to help someone if they were having a problem, I couldn’t enjoy it anymore, it had lost its lust. The main group of people had all left by this time and there were new kiddos on there at this point, all arguing over who had the most diamonds (until Shiift came on to make sure that he was still top dog on that). I started to move into gaming on the Xbox and getting on with my life. I had been in college for several years at this point, and was almost at a breakthrough in what I wanted to do. I saw the server dwindle like a dying star, and knew that I couldn’t do much about it at this point. It had lost its fire, the passion that we all had to get on and play it together.

I will miss 1337clan, it was a server that got me through a lot of my life; several moves, two schools and a couple jobs (and women) as well. As of this moment, and until further notice (or something sparks this group up again) I will be taking a hiatus from 1337clan. I’m not throwing in the admin towel, but I’m hanging it up off to the side for now. If you need to reach me, you know how to contact me (skype is the best) but I will not be jumping back onto the forums for a while. I will miss you all! I hope we can all keep in touch!

Goodbye, for now!



Your post is very moving. I guess I will just have to find a way to fill this void where 1337clan once was. (Hopefully 1337clan will stand tall once more) I know my temper, like devore had said, can get the best of me. And I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for everything I’ve done to anyone, whether it be on the Minecraft server, forums, or elsewhere. I love each an every one of you guys (or girls. But don’t tell Kenny, because according to him everyone on the Internet is a guy.) I would like to also take this opportunity to reflect on all the fond memories of the fine server.

Not being very experienced with Minecraft this was my third or so server that I was really dedicated to. I belonged to Eternal long ago, which I think still continues to operate, although I left for Metaserve. Metaserve was an interesting place, which started out as creative. I believe i remember it hitting up to 100 or more players at times. Then it became a larger server with a hub, and portals to different worlds. Then my friend mrbossman56 introduced me to 1337clan. This was a new server for me of course, but it didn’t seem so new. And I say that because of the wonderful community it hosted. Among players whom I knew from school.

I remember skyping eventually, with I believe husky1996, Katiesaurex, and Morphrana. I remember marveling at Alathar and of course husky’s house which still stood before the server was closed. I remember arguing with Kymera over helper, probably in a separate chat channel. I also remember JV, which was the first town I think I joined. Of course Icewolf was eager for my head, but I wouldn’t give it up unless I got something in exchange. An enchanted diamond sword it was. That was the going value for my head at the time. I remember an off-blue colored name helping me find my things that I had lost probably on a mining trip. I searched desperately for them working my way in and out of caves and all over. Finally, magically they were found by none other than devore.

There were, of course low times for me on the server. I did indeed bully. Bullying is something I regret, and hope never to do again. I apologize with utmost sincerity to those whom I have hurt, and hope nothing but the best for you. I ask for your forgiveness and for your friendship, too.

All in all 1337clan was such a great escape. I don’t think it is possible for words to describe how truly great 1337clan was, is, and  will be.

                                                            I love each and every one of you. I hope to keep in contact with you guys! You are all amazing! :wink:

                                                                                                                                                                       *Meanwhile fluffy is STILL  afk*



rip :’(

I had so many memories on this server, of both the game and the community, so sad to see it finally go, I feel as if I’m losing part of me :frowning:

Also, are we ever going to get the map files and server files?



Devore… You’re kinda the reason i became staff too man. But yeah, good times




Hope to keep in touch with you all. Ethanm388 on Skype, Bawksie on Steam.

Gonna miss this place



There’s plenty of other things, I really only touched base on a very few things, I could write a book on my experience and time we all had together on the server. I’m going to miss our time together!



I will honestly miss each and everyone of you. I sincerely apologize for every inconvenience I have caused. I really didn’t mean it. I hope we can eventually play together once more, hopefully on the server ShiiFT was thinking about making. I’m really at a loss for words. Four years of my Minecraft time dedicated to this server, and to see it dwindle away simply kills me. I’m adding you on Skype, Devore. (Devour) <3



Man, I’m going to miss this community. I was apart of this place for my whole high school career. Now I’m off at college and everyone has moved on too. :( 
It sucks, but hey, we sure did make a boat load of memories! For me, 1337 was a real part of my life. It wasn’t a passive thing or anything like that. It was something that I devoted hours to. I built real friendships within the clan. I played every day with my best friend. I truly loved The 1337 Clan and nothing can replace what we had together here. 

As I move on, I still like to look back at what our online community used to be and think about how great we all made it together, and I wonder if maybe, just maybe, I might get to build up my own community like this some day. It’s just a thought, but wouldn’t it be neat if I could create the same experience that I had for other kids that are like me? Hehe, it’d be something alright.

Anyways, I love you guys, and want you all to know that this clan will never die in my heart. I hope that you all will stay connected with me for at least a little bit longer! Some of you I’ve known for four years and I’d like to continue to play games across the interwebs with you! All the info you need to add me is in my signature. I’m on every platform there is, so hit me up!

Long live the 1337 clan!

_ From your friendly friend, _

_ Emendo12~ _



Before I start sorry if “bumping” this thread but it saves me creating a new pointless post. 

What a year ay? I never new 2015 would be the last of this server. The server has closed its doors and most likely remain shut. 

I have been a member for quite some time and I have experienced some awesome game play, buildings and people. I haven’t been the best of person to talk to and I see why now. 2 bans in the space of a year (quite an achievement considering I shouldn’t be unbanned). 

I would just like to say that it has been a warm welcome for me when I first started enjoying this server. I have enjoyed every little bit from… Annoying people to creating new things and that is what minecraft is all about. Enjoying the little things (no innuendos please). Even when the minecrafty server was running I never had time to log in and play. I got myself a job and now doing my third year in college doing A levels. The any time I get when I am not doing homework is seeing my girlfriend and playing the PlayStation 4 mostly destiny at the moment. PS4 - PSN Micky0753 

As much as it hurts me inside this is a goodbye from your very own Micky yes I am a pain in the ass but without that it just be boring right? I enjoyed the whole survival maps and player vs player sword fights. That would be my highlight on this server. If it wasn’t for the people who come on here (staff and admins that kept this server running until the end) then this server would be rubbish. Fluffy4eva if you happen to see this post I thank you personally for an amazing experience this server has given me. I know it’s only a game but it was my own time I came on and helped when I could and things like that. 

I didn’t see eye to eye with some people on minecraft but I came to realise that it doesn’t matter. There are people in this world and gaming community that we will not get on with everyone but I coped with it and Dirtbikes for heaven sake. Don’t stop pissing people off. You’re good at it stick to it. Devore thank you for everything over the years from helping me to giving me good advice in and outside of minecraft and god bless you all. 

Thank you all, staff and admins for everything and enjoy life. ITS TO SHORT.



[PSN - Micky0753

[Skype - michael.enriquez52

[Email - [email protected]]



please send a dl link for the map



No goodbye or anything? k.

<3 <3 <3 It was too short. I’m gonna miss you.



Makes me sad thinking of everything that has happened on the server. All the people I’ve met, the work I’ve done, everything. I probably wont even talk to anyone here again. Its so sad thinking I can’t play Minecraft with everyone like before. I mean even thinking of a random moment of me playing on the server makes me sad. When/where can we download the map and stuff? Ugh I wish this didn’t end