FTB - Server


I really enjoy playing on the 1337 server. That having been said, FTB has always been appealing to me though I don’t know many people that are interested in RL.

However, before I start giving server info I would like staff to approve this topic before I continue trying to recruit a small number of interested parties to join in on a private FTB server I will soon be hosting (assuming hardware allows).

Otherwise, I eagerly anticipate the 1.6 release on 1337 and look forward to seeing you all there.  :smiley:



Actually a select few of us staff were thinking about it some time down the road once we get everything up to snuff with what we’re runnin currently. It won’t be a large community like our main server due to the fact that once it gets going, you can fall behind fast and resources are scarce, but it would be really fun to have one. A couple staff members and I played it before and really enjoyed it, and I’ll shoot the idea up the chain to see if it’s a possibility later on. I’d also suggest the community for this should be responsible and not make a killing machine or anything else that would just ruin the game. But I would like to see this happen, and I know Xenophian and TheZerbler, for example, would be interested in this as well.



I agree completely. Keep me posted on what the guys upstairs say about the idea.



Will do! I’m sure they’d be interested in this as it opens up more opportunities as well to attract more players to the community :slight_smile:



I would also love a FTB server c: . The mod pack is extremely fun and i love it :smiley:




support, would love to have a different kind of minecraft but still the same 1337 :smiley:



TL;DR- I’ll suggest it to the admins but it’s extremely doubtful.

We did, for about an hour, run an FTB server alongside the regular server. Only Dan, Devore, and myself played with it. While FTB is neat, it would be a completely different environment for the admins to work with because not all the permissions-related plugins work with FTB. Another thing is that FTB is known for being “glitchy,” and by glitchy I mean that there are ways to use blocks to go around some of the limitations. If I’m not making sense, take this for example: Explosions in your town are turned off, however someone created a nuclear reactor that can work around that and uses it to destroy other towns. Normally this sort of thing can be prevented by just disabling the blocks, but none of the admins are familiar with FTB so it would be a long, arduous, learning process. And the admins don’t have much time to play regular Minecraft, let alone Feed The Beast. I’ll still suggest it to them and see what they think. If you don’t hear back about it, just assume we are unable to do it at this time.



Unfortunately FTB is a packaged deal and pretty much is WYSIWYG. Idk if towny is even compatible with FTB, so it’d be a more ‘vanilla’ feel. I think to begin with we should have a small group and see how it goes for maybe a month before allowing a larger group to get into it, as well as maybe have to reset that map every so often to start new worlds due to the small world sizes and finite number of materials there are. Obviously because of this we wouldn’t have 100 people on there, plus if people do go crazy and make a computer in the game *looks at X4N4TH* that would eat up a LOT of processing, taking away from even the main server causing processing lag, and we wouldn’t hear the end of it when people complain about lag spikes.