Everyones Favorite Staff Member and Where He's Been


Hey guys, so I’ve been gone for a decent while and I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be back. This is the first time I’ve had access to a computer in a month, and a lot of stuff has happened in that time. (Okay, not a lot of stuff, but some pretty significant stuff)

So basically, I was living with my dad since June, and I didn’t have access to a laptop until I got one from my school in October. Well, I moved back to my hometown which means I had to ship my computer back to the school. I also had the flu and managed to get pneumonia at the same time, the pneumonia brought back my asthma so for the two weeks I was sick I was also having severe asthma attacks and I was unaware of the fact that they were asthma attacks, it was only when I went to a doctor after three weeks that I learned what was going on. But, because of the asthma my oxygen levels have been really low, the target oxygen level is 97 with anything below 94 I should have been sent to a hospital, I walked into the clinic with an oxygen level of 89, and after they put me on a steroid and a nebulizer (its an inhaled medicine thing that opens the airways) twice, and waiting for an hour there, my oxygen level rose to 97 for about ten minutes and then dropped back to 89. They decided that a nebulizer is not the route for me since well, basically it made my heart rate jump up to 120 after one dose, and to have any improvement I would need to be taking multiple doses and you know, something about raising your heart rate way beyond where it should be isn’t exactly the best. So I spent a week on steroids to try to strengthen my lungs and I’m still on a control inhaler which isn’t exactly fun. I’m waiting until this clears up enough that I can breathe properly before I try to get a job. But yeah, incase anyone was wondering where I’ve been or what’s been going on in my life that’s pretty much it

P.S. They left me hooked up to the heart rate and oxygen monitor while at the clinic so I of course decided to see if I could lower my heart rate, managed to willingly drop it from 102 to 84, was kinda proud of myself and kind of disappointed that that’s what I do with my time



I had to go to the hospital last year for having the flu then pneumonia. My oxygen went down to 87 i think once. I felt just terrible for a while. I had to go the hospital and spent 10 days there. I had the same IV the whole time which was quite humorous actually because they normally last a day or two. I also realized i have monstrous lungs. 

Other than that, hope you get feeling better as its sucky. I couldnt imagine going through that again for a while. Not the worst but for sure not enjoyable. 

Edit: I just realized what the topic was after the fact -facepalm-

From what i am aware of, i have no idea who the newer staff is lol. Im not good at playing yet still.



Ive been staff for over a year now, I just haven’t been as active as I should be



I gotchu you. Its fine man. No one hates ya anyways or at least they shouldnt :stuck_out_tongue:



Hope you feel better daemones, and I hope for your return!



Feel mo’ better soon!



Hi daemones! Good to hear from you again :D. Feel better!



Can I just point out that nobody is arguing against me calling myself everyone’s favorite staff?



But… but… you are everyone’s favorite staff :-o