Communication among members.


Hey everyone, since we have a considerably poor time at communication I wanted to make a single thread dedicated to contact outside of the forums, if you decide to post here i would like it if you posted your name as well was what you have to communicate with, you may use psn, xbox, or steam usernames if you want to network and play games. I just know that not everyone checks the forums daily but this will let us all keep in touch outside of the forums.

Basically my info is as follows

Skype: Ironmansonethan

Psn: Ironmansonethan (I’m not currently active on the playstation network, I do not have any gaming system besides my pc)

Steam: Psn_Ironmansonethan (When i got portal 2 i just made an account using my psn and thats what i got stuck with)

You may all feel free to add me on any of these i normally have my computer on but i can not promise a swift reply




xbox joe the spartin  skype(down forthe moment joseph.meyer8






TheGho7t : Everyone likes me, erm, should because i like me and my opinion is always right.

Skype - itsthegho7t 

XBox - steel city fan

Ps4 [dont have the live rn but i plan on getting it again in a couple months] - The_Gho7t

Dont use steam, erm, cant have friends on steam as i dont buy games for PC xD.

Umm, thats really it, i dont think people should stalk my facebook or twitter JUST yet but yeah :stuck_out_tongue: