Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare

Is anyone buying and playing this when it comes out in a few days?

I’m getting it for the Xbox one, Day Zero edition

Xbone :frowning:

I entered a contest for an xbone just so i can sell it and get a ps4, might get this depending on how good it is, me and my dad could play it

I preorder the Advanced Warfare Xbox One with a 1 tb HDD :wink: (which comes with the game obviously)

I’m not preordering it, but odds are I’ll end up with the Xbox One version at some point in the future. I always end up buying Call of Duty.

You know you can put a larger hard drive on the side with the usb 3.0 port. I have a 1 TB drive on mine right now.

I approve of this. lol

Nope, I don’t plan on purchasing another COD game in any near future.

I absolutely HATE the jumping in the multiplayer, though there are playlists without it!

It’s Titanfall, only worse…

Copy That


I retired from CoD after Ghosts. I couldnt do it anymore. It gets worse and worse which is seriously impossible but they some how managed to do that.

That bump, Gho, Lol.

I retired as well after playing Ghosts on my old PS4. (I sold it, so don’t ask me about it)
I have bought Advanced Warefare, and I feel like I’m going to buy the next few, simply hoping that they will get better.

My favorite was Black Ops One and Two, COD 4 was amazing, and a few others.

NOPE mw2 steals the cake


I might get it when its like 10 bucks, which is basically never so i doubt ill get it. I dont like jumping around and i played titanfall once and thats all i could do. None of these have come close to 4, 5, blops one or two. Heck i would have played Mw3 instead of warfare. I literally played Mw3 and sold it a month later. The only CoD i did that with actually.

Edit because i forget words: Cod 4, 5, blops one and two, Mw2, Cod 3, Cod 2, Ghosts all seem better to me than Warfare.

Only good CoD game was Call of Duty 2.

I feel you konig. Its been such a long time since ive played CoD2 but it was extremely fun.

Couldn’t agree more, Activision’s and Treyarch’s latest developments, gave me the same sensation I get from watching a Michael Bay movie (obvious sarcasm). Everything just got a bit repetitive. I couldn’t keep myself content, loosing interest in mere hours. I felt like I was enticed into their money train of bad games due to what I heard from the media as being portrayed as the “game of the year”. Of course my view is slightly biased. I grew up with Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, and Call of Duty 3, but I can tell you that these games still hold a place on my shelf to this day. They’re not just something short lived. However I still am fond of World At War, introducing us to “zombies” for the first time. As out of character it may be, it was a wonderful bonus I would’ve never expected from a first person shooter based around WWII.

Too much of a good thing is bad for you, plain and simple, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that this series of games has been dragged out for far to long. I could honestly just imagine, a group of people around a table, developing concepts for their next game, and if this ship keeps sailing in the same direction it won’t be too long till we see something on the lines of Call of Duty “Duck Warfare”. You don’t know, it could very well happen, everybody remember Saints Row? Call of Duty isn’t something that can be easily tailored every year. There’s only so much script they can use before they really lose touch of what war really is.

If you want my opinion, any game that gives me the chills when I play it again, is most certainly something I’ll be keeping for the rest of my life. When I plan to start a family and have children, I won’t be getting them any “Call of Duty 20”, I’ll be introducing them to the games and consoles I played as a child, and hell it’s a lot cheaper.