Breaking News!!!

Minecraft connection servers are down, don’t panic, they’ll be back up soon, you will get the error Failed To Login: The authentication servers are currently down. This issue can’t be bypassed in any way, check up on to tell if Minecraft server connections are still offline.

DO NOT GO INTO YOUR FILES AND CHANGE STUFF. This is not a security issue, but Minecraft itself, don’t go into files and change properties, it is on Mojang’s end.

*Deletes minecraft* Crap…

Umm, it might be important to explain more…

The reason that the servers went down (they are back up now) was because an exploit in OpenSSL (whatever that is), and they had to “temporarily suspend all of their services” , and now they are highly recommending that you change your Minecraft passwords.

If you  have not  migrated your account, change your password at

If you  have  migrated your account, change your password at

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