Blast from the past


Let me introduce myself, My name is Xander!

I’m not exactly new, sort of speak. I joined the server along with my brothers, Sean and David in 2010. We generally operated under the one account, but sharing got the best of us. Sean bought another account early 2011 for myself and him. Developing our first city “Beachtown” was an amazing experience, making tons of great acquaintances. The end result, a town of over 100 active residents featuring enticing architecture. We expanded our borders to others towns such as “Winterfell”. We produced something we could be truly proud of, and I’m extremely thankful that Dan has kept the Museum to relive these fond memories. College eventually came up, and of course changed things in our lives. David moved out from home, I was on and off, but Sean was the one who remained committed. He worked his way through the ranks, builder, sbuilder, architect. He applied for to be a temporary moderator taking in an interview with Mike and Taylor. After being accepted, he became a full-time moderator and made it his oath to assist the needs of every individual. To further this goal, he became a Global Forum Moderator. Times were good, the server was receiving incredible amounts of traffic In the “hundreds”. Summer came, and there was news of a new map nigh. This map is the vary one, players are on to this day. After months of intense waiting it was finally open for business. I must admit it was a bit worrying that there was a significant decrease in players during this transition phase, but it really showed our most committed members. Nonetheless we began with a new town “Aurora”. Thanks to the help of our previous residents of Beachtown, we were able to re-establish ourselves. With the introduction of new ranks, Sean and myself began working on projects.  He already had a pledge to aid players, and it was stressful to be both a committed mod and have the time to work on little personal things. After a year and a half of service as both Mod and Global Forum Moderator he resigned to Veteran status. This just gave us both motivation to create some quality builds and develop and Engineering portfolio, the Imperial City being one of these last creations thanks to the help of friends like Icewolf, Miniluva, devore, and more…

For those of you who don’t know, Sean2k11, my brother died in November 2012. It was a serious car crash taking the life of him and his bestfriend. It has taken me at least two years to come to terms with this. Myself and David are extremely grateful for the flowers you sent. We continue to move on, David is now playing professional rugby, I’m studying to become a teacher. I managed to pick up Sean’s old laptop, and I’ll continue to operate through his minecraft account  under the name “Xander” thanks to the very latest implantation of username changes.



Are you by chance xanderxzone? I think that was the name at least. That town is close to mine is the only reason i was wondering. Really miss Sean. I didnt know him well but he always was a nice guy. I cant really say anything else but glad to see you are doing better. Hope your family is doing well also.



No, although the name does ring a bell. I shared Sean’s account throughout the years, working on the projects he couldn’t during his busy hours.



Okay. I was just wondering since you had Xander as your name.



I still miss Sean as he was the one who taught me in my early stages of becoming a staff member. I based my decisions and actions from what I learned from him. Today I have become a Global Moderator of the Minecraft server and am proud to have known him from his short time on the server. Thank you Sean for your support of the server and you will always be missed. RIP.

Xander, I am glad to see still continuing his good faith and I know it was tough for you over the years. We are always here to help, just as Sean would have wanted it. Congrats on your schooling and progression through life so far.



All i can think about is Vin Diesel in XXX because welcome to the xander zone.

And Welcome back :smiley:



James Alexander is the name, however Alexander is but a middle name chosen from a saint. People rarely refer to me by my first name, generally calling either “Alex” or “Xander”. Thought I might elaborate, as Xander didn’t seem like a very Irish name sort of speak. I didn’t want you to think my parents were lazy with “David” and “Sean” and then had some sort of epiphany, getting spontaneous while naming me.