Be Honest Please.

Seals, Do you really even care about the team, Do you really even want to do anything?  I’ve been blown off twice and some people had good reasons and others just didn’t care. Probably most of you guys who didn’t show up are lazy and just expected to be popular and to be one of the cool guys on the server but most of you aren’t willing to put in the effort, You know who you are. No offense. No, I’m not disbanding my team nor will I ever, If everyone quits then I’ll be the only seal and anyone who says “A Duh Dumb Dirtbikes you can’t have a team by yourself” Well guess what, Idgaf what you say, This is my team and if I’m the only one then so be it. Seals, If you want to quit, quit, post it in the comments. If you want to stay in, Say you want to stay in and actually care for the team.

Post in comments if you want to leave, Post in comments if you want to stay. Anyone who doesn’t post in the comments with an answer will be kicked and in my head will be labeled as one lazy son of a gun to not even give notice. Like I said, No offence, I’m just a little ticked right now as I’ve gotten a ton of negative feedback and people teasing about the team and it’s inactivity.

I had the last event marked in my calendar, but couldn’t make it because I worked  :frowning:

Due to my sporadic schedule I don’t think I’ll be able to participate much, but I’d like to stay a part of the team if possible.

i’ll try to

Im on like all the time