Banned players rejoining the server.



We discovered that banned users are able to get back into the server without any form of bugs, mods, or glitches. If you see a banned user, ignore anything they say and act as if they aren’t there. Immediately contact me via Skype (kennythecoastie) or Steam (ikilledkenny1) and inform me. If I am not available, contact Devore (devore07 on Skype) or Konig (konig.wolf53 on Skype). For now, we have a workaround we can use to keep banned users off of the server.

Thank you for your cooperation,
ikilledkenny (or afkenny to some of you).



Supposedly, i’ve been banned for 10 years… but dont worry, i will wait…



I’ll increase it if you’d like :slight_smile:



I saw a banned player on last night! He is a loser and named ikilledkenny!

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This is what I am talking about. There is a reason your account was deleted. I don’t know how else to put it so I’ll put it bluntly: YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS COMMUNITY. Because you refuse to accept this reality, I will see to it that your IP is banned from the server and the forums as well. This is something I was hoping we wouldn’t have to do since your sister will be affected by it, but seeing as our standard forms of separation just don’t work with you I have no choice.

[*]Do not create another account
[*]Do not attempt to log into the server via your own account and any other account you have access to
[*]Do not contact any staff of this server in any way