Ban Request for A_Biohazard.

I’ve got screenshots of him admitting that he’s using modifications and whatnot.

It’s also Dirtbike’s alternative account, according to multiple other users on the server.

  1. We allow mods on the server so long as they don’t give an unfair advantage. Mods such as InventoryTweaks, REI’s minimap, and OptiFine are all good.

  2. Your photos aren’t public.

  3. Alternate accounts are allowed, even if the user’s main account was banned. All bans are account-based rather than player-based.

**MOST bans are account based when the photos are made public id like to see what you are refering to

Lol I made them public.

How could you let him into our base kastle! Its a secret base shhhhhh!

There was a whole thread about him asking Staff if he was allowed to use those mods. Pretty much went like this: “You can like, use that stuff, like, lol yous good.”

Although I’d be weary of any Macro users… lol