ban appeal-icebear242

well first i want to say, i don’t even know why i got banned!!! i would like to be appealed though so whatever i did I’m sorry for. i think i should be appealed because I’m a good member of the 1337 clan group and i think lots of people would agree that i should be appealed so please appeal me because i did pay $30.00 to the server, and if i don’t get appealed that’s $30.00 down the drain on my part. :slight_smile:

You were awarded a 7 day tempban for a combination of spamming chat, stealing animals, and being rude to minorities in global. However, this was more then 7 days ago so i assume this was a fluke in the way that you were banned, and I will unban you. Please refrain from these activities in the future if you don’t want the next situation to be a ban. 

alright thanks i will 100%

fluffy it still says im banned

And for the record, you donated to the server which does not put you above any rules in any way. So if you get banned, being a donator will not help you.

but it still wont let me on

Now it will, odd thing happened.